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Upon accessing the module, the dashboard or home screen displays. Here, you will see high level analytics displayed in graphs, funnels and tables that communicate the following information:

  • Total no. of visitors to your career site, jobs, and/or landing pages
  • Total no. of visitors who have gone on to start applications and, where a two-way ATS integration is in place, total no. who have completed job applications, been marked as successful, and have been hired.
  • Total no. of visitors who have viewed a landing page, blog post, and/or video, and, where a two-way ATS integration is in place, total no. who have gone on to complete job applications, been marked as successful, and have been hired.
  • Total number of searches as well as Top Keyword Searches.
  • Top Jobs and Top Blog Posts (ranked in descending order, starting with that which has been viewed by the most candidates.)
  • Job Alerts performance
  • Top Traffic Sources

This data is reflective of all activity across all campaigns since your company account was created. More detailed information is available in the Reports section, which you can access via the top-level or left menus.

Dashboard data will refresh after 1 hour.

Top navigation bar

Side menu

From the top left, you can access the side menu.

PageUp icon

Click to return to the home dashboard and refresh the data displayed there.


This will help you know whereabouts in the system you are, for example: You are viewing candidates reports.

User account

From the top right, click your name to display the following options (depending on your access):

  • Your name - click to access the User Settings for your user account.
  • Company - companies that you have been granted access to will display. Click to switch to that company to view its candidates and related data.
  • Logout - click to log out of your session.

Dashboard navigation

Above the dashboard visuals are six, top-level items:

Web Pages

Click this tab to access your recruitment marketing campaigns and for all content-related tasks such as creating a new campaign, page, or call-to-action.


Click this tab to access the CRM and view all candidates in a grid format. From here, you can search and segment the database in order to surface candidates, message specific subsets, and/or add tags, for example.


Click this tab to view and/or "Favourite" lists (both smart and static) of candidates, as created by you and your team members.


Click this tab to view all Draft, Sent, and Archived emails across all email types (e.g. Campaign, Workflow, Job Alert etc.), as well as the percentage Delivered, Opened, and Clicked for each mail.


Click this tab to view all jobs and/or bookmark those most relevant to you. Filter by Department, City, and Archived/Unarchived.


Click this tab to view all metrics and analytics relating to Candidates, Pages, Jobs, Blogs, Videos, Traffic, Search, Workflow, Emails, and SMS Chat. Filter by date range.

Side menu

For ease of navigation, each of the six, top-level items are also available in the left menu.


  • Web Pages - click to manage campaigns and their pages. More information.
  • Careers Website - click to manage website settings, job routing, blog post routing and job search page configuration.
  • Calls-to-Action - click to manage CTAs. More information.
  • Jobs - click to view a list of active jobs with options to save favourites as bookmarks and access archived jobs. More information.
  • Blogs - click to access the Blogs tab within Web Pages. More information.
  • QR Codes - click to enter a URL and generate a QR code. More information.


  • Candidates - click to view a list of all candidates and access their details.
  • Inbox - click to display your inbox featuring messaging sent and received. More information.
  • Lists - click to view all system, smart and static lists. More information.
  • Emails - click to manage emails of various types, including those in draft, sent and archived.
  • Chat Messages - click to view SMS used in campaigns and workflows.
  • Workflows - click to manage workflows. More information.
  • Sourcing - click to access configured sourcing boards. More information.
  • Import - click to map fields to match a CSV, JSON file to import. More information.
  • Exports - click to view a list of exports in progress and completed. More information.

Recruitment Events

  • Events - click to manage events which are required to then be able use the kiosk app. More information.
  • iOS Kiosk App - click to open a new tab with the Apple Store page for Clinch Capture.
  • Web Kiosk - click to configure Kiosk Mode. More information

Reports & Logs

  • Reports - click to access Recruitment Marketing reporting. More information.
  • Virus Logs - click to view virus records.


  • ATS - click to manage 3rd party integrations. More information.
  • Channels - click to manage jobs boards. More information.
  • Matchers - click to manage Candidate Databases.


  • Settings - click to access a range of Recruitment Marketing module settings.
  • API - click to manage the Clinch API credentials. More information.
  • Devices - click to configure the Capture App. More information.
  • Locations - click to manage job locations. More information.
  • Translations - click to manage translated texts.
  • Traffic Sources - click to manage traffic sources. More information.


  • Settings - click to edit the organisation name and access enterprise security. More information.
  • Companies - click to manage companies within your organisation.
  • User Management - click to configure user accounts. More information.
  • Themes - click to manage email and page themes. More information.
  • User Audit Logs - click to view records of user activity. More information.



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