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The Recruitment Marketing Images library is the central repository for all images that will be used in your company's recruitment marketing campaigns. These can be images of your workplace, team, projects, past events, and anything else you feel offers value to the candidate when it comes to communicating what it's like to work for your organisation. The Images library makes it easy for you to store, view, and manage all your recruitment marketing imagery in one place.

Using the Recruitment Marketing Page Editor, you can add, edit, and swap-out these images to generate more candidate engagement with recruitment content that is truly compelling.

Recruitment Marketing supports *.JPG and *.PNG file formats.

Adding images to the Images library

  1. From the side menu, under Content click Web Pages.
  2. Click the Images tab.
  3. Click the Upload Photos button.
  4. In the browser pop up window, navigate to and select the relevant image.

Next, use these images to create compelling recruitment marketing content that positions your company as an employer of choice with candidates.

Fixed size images

Recruitment Marketing pages are optimised to display certain types of imagery, for example: people working, landscapes, events. Your browser type will determine how these images get cropped - desktop browsers will show a max image height of 540 px while mobile devices show a max image height of 260 px.

If you have a requirement to display print media, such as an image dominated by text, and do not want the image cropped on any resolution, try the following:

  1. Delete your existing image block, if you have one.
  2. In the Page Editor, click the Add Row icon to add a row of the relevant dimensions.
  3. Within that row, click the Add Block button.
  4. From the drop down, select Text block.
  5. Click the Edit Block icon (pencil) that appears in the top left corner of the block.
  6. Click the Insert / edit image icon.
  7. From the Image list drop down, select the relevant file from the Images library. This will then pre-fill the Source and Alternative description fields. The latter can be edited if needed.
  8. Configure the Width and Height to suit, clicking the Constraint proportions icon if needed to maintain the height and width proportions.
  9. Click the Save button to keep the changes.
  10. At the Text pop up, click the Save button.

Archiving an image

  1. From the side menu, under Content click Web Pages.
  2. Click the Images tab.
  3. Mouse hover the relevant image and click the Archive button.
  4. Click OK to archive the image.



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