Creating and managing Carousel content blocks

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A carousel is a slideshow that allows for the cycling of a series of content within a content block on a page within your career site.

Carousels are made up of a series of slides, which can be cycled manually by the visitor or can be configured to auto-cycle after a specified amount of time. Within each slide, there can be one or more items of content.

Common scenarios where carousel blocks are utilised include:

  • Page header images
  • Employee testimonials
  • Displaying awards/logos

An example of a carousel is shown here:

Creating a carousel

To create a new carousel:

  1. In the main menu, select Careers Website.
  2. Within the Career Website section, from the top menu, select Carousels.
  3. On the Carousels page, select New from the top right of the screen.
  4. Complete the following information:
    • Name - This is the friendly name used to identify this list of FAQs.
    • Item count - This is the number of slides that will be included in the carousel. Additional slides can be added later.
  5. Click Save.

Adding or editing slide content

  1. On the Carousels page, click the link under the Items column.
  2. Select the slide that you want to update from the selector at the top of the page
  3. From the drop down list, select the Number of columns that you would like to feature on this slide. Note: Each slide can have a differing number of columns.
  4. Once you have selected the desired number of columns for the slide, start adding content by clicking Add (or Edit) on the column you would like to update.
  5. Add content to the slide by completing the edit screen

    Options available include:
    • Choose image: select the image that you would like to appear on this column.
    • Choose video: select the video that you would like to appear on this column.
      Note: You can not choose a video and image together.
    • Header: defines any header text to appear on the column.
    • Description: defines text to appear as the body of the column.
  6. Click Save to keep the changes to that column.
  7. Repeat the process for other columns within the slide.
  8. Use the selector at the top to toggle to other slides within the carousel, and repeat steps 3 to 6 above.

Other options available:

  • The ordering of the items can be amended by clicking the relevant left/right arrow.
  • If your career website is configured to present multiple languages, the translation icon will be available to allow translations of the text on the slide. 

Adding a Carousel to a web page

Once you have created a carousel, you can add it to a page in your career site, by adding the Carousel block to that particular page.

  1. Using the page editor, select the block that you want to use to display the carousel.
  2. From the Content Block Library, select Carousel.


    Now that the block has been added, click the edit icon to configure the display of the block.

    The following settings are available:

    • Carousel name: This is the name of the carousel that will be presented in this particular block
    • Show directional arrows: determines whether directional arrows will be displayed at the right and left of the carousel to allow the visitor to scroll to the next slide.
    • Show indicator dots: determines whether indicator dots, showing the number of slides, and allowing the visitor to scroll to a specific slide, will be visible under the carousel.
    • Scrolling interval: determines whether the slides will auto-scroll after the specified period of time.

    The styling of the carousel block can be adapted by adding appropriate CSS to the relevant page theme.



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