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If you want to capture multiple candidate details into your Recruitment Marketing account, then "Kiosk Mode" is for you. Kiosk mode allows multiple people to use the same call-to-action on a public device, the field to be refreshed each time, and for individual candidate records to be created as a result. This scenario is perfect for recruitment events that require the use of a laptop or tablet device.

Recruitment Marketing tracks candidate behaviour and uses that information to score candidates on their content interaction level, for example, and how engaged they are with your content. Because any interaction they have with your content before or after they fill out the kiosk mode page will be done via their own personal device, you will need to provide a 'bridge' that can connect the candidate’s activity on their personal device with the person who entered their details on the public device.

This is achieved by sending each candidate an email with a link - that includes a unique tracking ID - to another page built in Recruitment Marketing. That can be an existing page, or a new one created solely for this purpose. It's good practice to create this email ahead of time, and have it send automatically as part of a Workflow.

For more information refer to Adding a tracking ID link to an email.

Creating a landing page

First, you'll need to create a landing page on which candidates can enter their details via a call-to-action. This is simply a regular Recruitment Marketing landing page. It's only when the page has been accessed on a device that has kiosk mode activated that the page becomes a "kiosk page".

For more information refer to Creating a landing page for a web campaign.

Activating Kiosk Mode

To activate Kiosk Mode on your computer / iPad:

  1. From the side menu, under Recruitment Events click Web Kiosk.
    Alternatively, if on an iPad tap iOS Kiosk App.
  2. In the new tab / window, click the Turn on Kiosk Mode button to activate it.

  3. Navigate to the Recruitment Marketing page you created previously, and you should see that Kiosk Mode has been activated.

  4. With your page in kiosk mode, you will now be able to accept multiple candidates' details, through one call to action

Note: Kiosk mode disables several kinds of tracking, including heatmaps.


If you wish to use your computer or tablet as a normal, non-kiosk mode device again:

  1. From the side menu, under Recruitment Events click Web Kiosk.
    Alternatively, if on an iPad tap iOS Kiosk App.
  2. Click the Turn off Kiosk Mode button to deactivate it.



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