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The Widget functionality allows you to extend the reach of your Recruitment Marketing powered career site and CRM beyond the boundaries of the site itself, allowing you to engage with candidates as they interact with your organisation in other places on the internet.

For example, wouldn't it be awesome if an engineer who was reading about the engineering department on your organisation's corporate website, could sign up for your engineering talent community right there from that page on the corporate site?

Well, widgets make this a reality, and they are amazingly easy to set up.

Creating a widget

To start setting up your widget, either:

  • Create a new web campaign
  • Navigate to an existing web campaign

From the web campaign page, select new.

Select the appropriate options:

  • What content would you like? - this should be set to External Widget
  • Title - give your widget page a name
  • Kind - select the appropriate layout for your widget. In most cases, a regular page would be the logical choice
  • Call to Action - optionally select a call to action form to include in your widget
  • Theme - select the theme to apply to the widget
  • Page layout - select an appropriate page layout. This is optional, as a page layout may not be appropriate depending on the type of widget you are creating.

Click Save to create your page.

You will then be taken to the page editor, where you can make updates to the content of your widget, such as additional images or additional text.

When you are happy with the content of your widget, click Update to publish the widget.

Editing an existing widget

To edit an existing widget, simply navigate to the appropriate web campaign, and click the edit icon next to the widget page in that campaign.

Once you've finished updating the widget content, click Update to ensure that your updates are applied to any usages of that widget.

Embedding a widget

Widgets are displayed on the external site using an IFRAME.

To create the IFRAME code which you will need to paste into the external site, you can either navigate to the appropriate web campaign and locate your page or alternatively, you can find a list of all widgets on the content sub-menu under Web Pages.

Once you've located your widget, click the code icon in the actions list to copy the IFRAME code to your device's clipboard.

The code on your clipboard can now be added to the external site using the appropriate tools for that particular site.

Customising the code

The code of your widget will look something like this:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="500px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

The IFRAME is given a default height of 500px, and a width of 100% of the containing DOM item. You may want to amend the height of the IFRAME to suit the particular scenario in which you are utilising this widget.



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