QR codes

Recruitment Marketing



Recruitment Marketing is keen to support mobile audiences, and it is now possible to generate QR codes.

QR codes in Recruitment Marketing can be used in the following situations:

Referrals: Include QR code on the back of business cards to allow existing employees to fast-track candidates. Taking this one step further, QR codes can also be used to promote engagement from Management and/or leadership teams by giving them the opportunity to share jobs with talent they themselves have identified and/or sourced.

Events: Print QR codes on promotional items or swag, flyers, or booth signage to allow attendees to access jobs there and then, or later at a time and place that suits them better, without having to wait in line to speak to someone.

Hidden jobs: QR codes allow fast, easy access to hidden jobs.

In-store: Print QR codes on posters or present at cash register/checkout to give retail candidates an opportunity view and/or apply for jobs quickly and easily while the employer/store/brand is still front-of-mind.

Generating a QR code for a job

  1. From the side menu, under Content click Jobs.
  2. Next to the relevant job, click the more actions icon then Generate QR Code.
  3. On the QR Code screen, UTM parameters can be defined to allow the tracking of traffic, to know where the QR code users are coming from.
    1. URL - Set the URL of the job you with to target
    2. Optional
      1. UTM Source - the referrer e.g. QR_code 
      2. UTM Medium - how the traffic gets to you. Could be where you publish the QR code e.g. flyer
      3. UTM Campaign - 'why' they're coming to you. e.g. Careers_poster_(something unique here for this poster)

  4. Click the Generate button and the default image will update with the unique QR code image.

  5. Click the Download button to follow browser prompts to save the image as a PNG file for use in both print and digital formats.

Generating a QR code for a URL

Alternatively, to generate a QR code for any URL: from the side menu, under Content click QR Codes. This will take you to the QR Code screen.

Generating a QR code for a blog post

QR codes can also be generated for individual blog posts via the more actions icon.