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A Workflow is a series of automated actions triggered when a candidate completes a call-to-action. By automating important steps in the nurture stage of the recruitment marketing process, Workflows in Recruitment Marketing allow for more effective, more efficient recruiting overall.

For example, when a candidate completes a call-to-action that asks them to register their interest in a recruitment event, you could create a workflow that automatically sends an email to that candidate acknowledging their registration.

You can choose whether to have your workflow triggered by any/all candidate(s) who complete a particular call-to-action, or, by those candidates who complete that call-to-action and meet additional criteria.

For information on how to use an automated workflow to encourage candidates to revisit and complete a job application, refer to Creating an auto-nurture workflow.

Managing workflows

To access: From the side menu, under CRM click Workflows.


Workflows can be searched via:

  • Name
  • Call to Action
  • Web Campaign
  • Enabled / Disabled status
  • Archived / Unarchived status

Actions icons

  • Edit - click to make changes to a workflow. Any changes will effect straight away.
  • Copy - click to create a duplicate of the workflow
  • Pause - click to pause a workflow
  • Start - click to resume a workflow
  • History - click to view workflow history
  • Analytics - click to view the workflow report
  • Archive - click to stop using a workflow
  • Unarchive - click to start using a workflow again

Managing workflow steps

Click the Add button to create a new workflow step at that point.

On an existing workflow step, are icon options to:

  • Edit - click to make changes, which will effect straight away.
  • Archive - click to stop using a step but any child steps must be removed first.



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