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This article provides an overview of how to add your Pocket Recruiter Skills Matcher integration and explains the key features you can use via the integration.

Recruitment Marketing provides 2 types of jobs matching to candidates.

Recruitment Marketing's own behavioural matching. This is based on the behaviour of your candidates on your careers site. We can predict which types of roles the candidate should be interested in based on what they and similar candidates look at and apply to.

Pocket Recruiter is a skills based matcher. It will try best to find the candidates best suited to a role based on the requirements of the role and the candidate's skills and experience, as stated in the candidate’s resume.

The Pocket Recruiter matcher integration is independent of the Pocket Recruiter ATS integration.


Length: 4:36 min


Initial setup

  1. From the side menu, under Integrations click Matchers.
  2. Under Skills Based Matchers, click Add Pocket Recruiter.
  3. Enter your Pocket Recruiter account Username and Password.
  4. Click the Save button to complete the integration.

What happens next

Over the following hours Recruitment Marketing will synchronise your active jobs and candidates to your Pocket Recruiter account. Any matches generated for your candidates or jobs will be available to import and use within Recruitment Marketing.

User guide

The Candidate Profile

Recruitment Marketing will regularly import any new matched roles for candidates in the candidate pool. These are available to view on the candidate profile, as follows:

  1. From the side menu, under CRM click Candidates.
    Alternatively from the Home Dashboard, click Candidates.
  2. Use the search options to find the relevant candidate or locate them in a list.
  3. Click the candidate's name to open a preview of their profile.
  4. Click the View Full Profile button to load their profile - the candidate card.
  5. Click the Suggested Jobs tab.
    Note: This tab will only display if recommended jobs for the candidate, (from either skills or behavioural matches) have been identified.

This tab contains 3 cards.

  • Recent suggested jobs are a mixture of matches ordered by recency and limited to the last 6.
  • Clinch (behavioural) suggestions are next and ordered by most matched and limited to 6 most matched.
  • Pocket Recruiter (skills) suggestions are the final card and ordered by most matched and limited to 6 most matched.

Note: The number of stored matches for each type of matcher is limited so matches will not be stale and will be continually refreshed.

The Sourcing Board

Pocket Recruiter matching has been added as a feature to our sourcing board.

Using Pocket Recruiter’s matching algorithm, you can easily add matched vacancies to vacancies. From the sourcing board, click Add Candidate and then Source from Pocket Recruiter.

Pocket Recruiter will return a list of candidates from your existing talent pool that may be a good match for the vacancy you are sourcing.

For more information on creating, setting up and sourcing candidates, refer to Sourcing board.

Sourcing candidates from Pocket Recruiter

Once we have our sourcing board and workflow established we can source candidates from Pocket Recruiter.

Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the header card of any row in the workflow. This will display a list of options.

Click on Source from Pocket Recruiter. This will expand a modal screen that looks like the Candidate grid screen. Any matches for the currently focused job will be present.

There is a dropdown list that allows browsing through other live roles, and see if any candidates have matched for similar roles.

To intake a candidate to the sourcing board, click the select box to the left of their name, and then click the Add button.

The candidate will be added to the Sourcing Board.

Viewing recommended jobs on the sourcing board

Any candidate visible on the sourcing board that has been matched to an active job will display the recommended jobs button.

Click this button to display a list of recommended jobs.

This displays the last 10 matched jobs with a live status, that have been recommended for the candidate. It will also include the engine that matched them, and the date it was matched. These jobs may duplicate if they have been found by multiple matchers.



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