Support Terms


What is a Priority?

Issues are classified into a Priority level in order to determine our commitment to resolve the issue. Please refer to the priority table below for some examples of what types of issues fall into each level. When a support case is initially submitted, the submitter makes their best estimate of the appropriate severity level and files it as such. As PageUp and the submitter work on the reported issue, it may become clear that the severity level should be changed.

Priority Level Description

Level 1

Critical impact Where the software application is causing the client serious commercial risk. The client's application is:
  • Not operational for an exclusive user (such as an administrator) or multiple users, or
  • Fails for the user(s)/candidates to complete fundamental tasks because a major function of the application is not operational.

Level 2

High impact Where the client's application has impaired functionality:-
  • Severe loss of service causing significant impact to the normal workflow for completing the task with workaround not feasible.
  • Multiple authorised users are unable to complete secondary tasks that support the client in delivering the application to the end users. This can include bulk email distribution, assessment reports failing to generate correctly.

Level 3

Medium impact Where the clients application has impaired functionality:-
  • No significant loss of service, some operational inconvenience, system workaround feasible.
  • Single user down, many other users capable of performing required tasks.

Level 4

Low impact Low priority concerns which cause slight inconvenience but do not affect system critical functionality

Standard Response Commitments

Priority Initial Response Time Goal Update Frequency Target Resolution Time Goal


< 1 Hour 2 Hours Immediately


< 2 Hours 4 Hours < 24 Hours


< 4 Hours Daily 5 Business Days


< 1 Day Weekly 10 Business Days

Support Escalation Process

PageUp has a defined Support Escalation Process with nominated escalation contacts, and activities for each stage of escalation. suppesc suppesc2

Acceptable Use Policy


This Acceptable Use Policy is intended to ensure that our customers use our support services in a manner that is reasonable and not excessive. This Acceptable Use Policy does not limit or reduce our customer's obligations or affect PageUp's rights under the standard contract terms and conditions.

Our Offering

Our standard customer support service is inclusive in your monthly application service fee (ASF) and provides your core team with:

  • Unlimited case limit
  • 24 x 7 Access to an online knowledge base
  • 24 x 7 Access to technical support
  • 24 x 7 Access to telephone support
  • Access to a dedicated client portfolio management team
  • System and change management notifications
  • Access to latest up-grade information
  • Standard response time commitments

We have designed a generous service offering however we will monitor usage to ensure that we provide quality support services to all of our customers and that no customer is disadvantaged by the conduct of others.

Excessive Use

Excessive Use is a continuing and unreasonably disproportionate use of the services when compared to other customers – in the case of support calls or queries logged in excess of three times the number of calls or queries logged per month, averaged across our customer base is considered Excessive Use. If you only occasionally have very high usage, we are unlikely to be concerned. If it is happening regularly, PageUp will use reasonable efforts to notify you when the number of support queries becomes excessive and will work with you to remedy the situation. If usage continues at an excessive level following this request, PageUp may be required to review our contract terms with you. PageUp reserve the right to vary the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy from time to time.



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