Recruitment Marketing Release Notes 2023

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December 2023

Blog post editor - block library

In October this year, we released a significant upgrade to our blog editing functionality, making it easier for you to generate engaging content for visitors to your career site. Thanks to the feedback received from users, we've made some further enhancements to better align the user experience of the editor with the page editor within the content management system.

Additionally, we've also made it easier to add, edit and configure images within your blog posts.

For more information, refer to Adding a post to a manual blog.

Manual management of SSL Certificates

In early 2022, Recruitment Marketing introduced functionality to allow you to have the SSL certificate for your career site automatically generated and renewed, and we have been working with new and existing customers to onboard them onto this process since that time.

Due to their organisational policies, a small number of customers have been unable to migrate to the new process. If this applies to you, we've now introduced functionality to allow you to manage the renewal of your manually generated certificates, allowing you direct control of your maintenance.

For more information, refer to Managing Manually Generated SSL Certificates.

November 2023

Call-To-Action redirection options

Calls-To-Action provide an important way for you to capture interest from potential candidates, and they allow you to start building up a candidate profile which can later be used to nurture and engage the individual.

On some occasions, once the potential candidate has completed the call-to-action form, you may want to redirect them to another page or system to learn more, or perhaps complete a downstream action. Previously, that redirect always occurred in the current browser window, which was not always preferable, as you may want them to refer back to information on your original page.

When configuring a redirect on a call-to-action form, you can now choose whether to redirect within the current tab or open up a new tab and perform the redirection in that new tab.

If the call-to-action is an Apply CTA, the redirection can only be used if the ATS supports the transfer of initial candidate information to the ATS apply process via HTTP GET (e.g. Lever, Greenhouse).

For more information, refer to Creating a form type CTA.

Additional generic sourcing feeds

Generic sourcing feeds within the Recruitment Marketing system allow you to provide third party systems, such as job boards, with a feed of the jobs published to your career site.

We're delighted to share that is now possible to create as many versions of the generic sourcing feed as you require, with the ability to apply different filter criteria to each feed. These feeds can be configured to share or all jobs, or with the use of job criteria, they can also be configured to just include a sub-set of jobs.

The previous limit of three generic feeds has now been depreciated, and with it, multiple sourcing providers being sharing the same generic sourcing feed. You're now able to work with your sourcing providers to set them up with a dedicated feed.

For information on creating feeds, refer to Creating a structured feed of jobs.

Candidate Activity Tracking - Implied Cookie Consent

A powerful aspect of the Recruitment Marketing module is to understand user behaviour when visiting and browsing your career site, and the insights that we can draw from that. In order to remain compliant with relevant rules and legislation around the world, it is necessary to ensure that visitors are provided with appropriate options to opt in to or out of this tracking activity - by allowing them to accept or reject relevant cookies.

In some regions, that means candidates must make an explicit selection on whether to accept tracking cookies before they interact with the site. However, in other regions, implied consent, where the candidate is tracked until such time as they choose to opt out is permissible.

To ensure that you can provide your candidates with the most appropriate experience for their locations, we've introduced support for an implied consent option. When this option is configured via the Data Protection Rules, candidates will be informed of the use of tracking cookies via a non-modal (or non-blocking) banner which appears at the bottom of the screen. Candidates can freely interact with the site without needing to explicitly opt in or out of tracking cookies, and their activity is automatically tracked from the moment they hit the site.

For information on configuring implied consent, refer to Data Protection Rules & Candidate Anonymization.

October 2023

Improved Workplace Type options

The past few years have seen a significant shift in the way we work. The COVID pandemic initially led to the swift onset of remote working, which saw the emergence of hybrid working arrangements. Many employees are now spending part of their working week on-site at the employer's premises and part working remotely.

As a result, workplace type has become an important factor for potential candidates when they are looking for opportunities, and it is important for employers to be able to provide clear information to those job seekers.

With this in mind, we've improved the way that these workplace type options are presented to candidates viewing jobs on your career site.

The stand-alone Remote and Hybrid checkboxes are being deprecated, and a new Workplace Type filter, which behaves in a consistent manner with other filters on your job search page, is available for you to configure.

Additionally, when enabled, the Workplace Type is shown as a column on the job search results:

Finally, the Workplace Type can also be configured to appear on the job description:

At this stage, we won't be automatically moving your career site from the deprecated Remote and Hybrid filter options, but we do encourage you to update your configuration to allow your candidates to take advantage of this improved candidate experience.

For more information, refer to Configuring a job search results block and Configuring a job description block.

Concurrently, a new Workplace Type node has been added to the generic job board feed(s) which can be made available to third party systems. 

Enhanced blog post editor (full release)

Following a successful BETA period, the new blog post editor will be released to all customers on the week commencing 9 Oct 2023.

Refer to Enhanced Blog Post Editor (BETA Release) for more information.

September 2023

Cookie consent dialogue updates (explicit consent)

A recent report by the European Data Protection Board (website) highlighted that best practice dictates that, in jurisdictions where explicit cookie consent is required, website visitors should be presented with both the ability to accept or reject performance cookies on the first layer of the cookie notification dialogue.

Currently, where a customer has chosen to enable the Show cookie management options to candidates setting on the relevant data protection rule, the I do not accept button is replaced by the Manage cookies button on the cookie notification dialogue.

To ensure that the cookie notification dialogue aligns with the recommendations of the European Data Protection Board report referenced above, we have implemented a change in behaviour. Moving forward, even when the configuration of the data protection rule dictates that the Manage cookies button should be displayed, both the I accept and I do not accept buttons will also be displayed.

This change will be progressively rolled out to customers to ensure the display and styling of the dialogue are not negatively impacted.

Relocating web page content blocks

We've made it easier for you to move content blocks to another location within the same web page on your career site. Rather than moving the block to a specific location, you can now simply move the content up or down using the relevant arrows in the top right of the content block.

Candidate CRM: Pinned Filters

We heard from our users that it would be helpful if their frequently used filters within the candidate CRM search were more easily accessible. That's why we've introduced the concept of pinned filters, allowing each user to pin the filters that they use most often to the top of the filter panel.

To pin a filter, simply hover your mouse over the item you wish to pin, and click the grey pin icon which appears to the right of the item. Once you click the pin, you will see the item move up into the Pinned Filters section at the top of the filter panel. 


To unpin a filter, simply click the blue coloured pin located to the right of the item. You will see the filter removed from the Pinned Filters section, and it will then be available in its normal location within the filter panel.

Pinned filters are specific to each user, and they will persist between each login to the system, so you do not need to reselect them each time.

August 2023

Category Groups and Location Groups (PageUp only)

Category and location groups are a concept which exists within the PageUp Recruitment Management module which allow customers to create logical groupings of either categories or locations.

For example, a customer may choose to create a location group of "Melbourne (West)" and allocate all the locations which are within that particular region to this group. This can be particularly useful in simplifying the candidate searching experience if the customer has a lot of granular locations or categories.

Moving forward these category groups and location groups will automatically be pulled into the Recruitment Marketing system if they are assigned to a job sourced to a Recruitment Marketing powered career site.

Refer to Configuring a job search results block for information on how to include these options.

Blog Post Routing with Tags

Blog post routing allows customers to define which blog post template should be used to display a particular blog post within the Recruitment Marketing powered career site. This flexibility means that relevant imagery and supporting content can be automatically displayed relative to the particular blog post.

This update extends that functionality to allow routing rules to be defined based on the tags which have been assigned to a particular post.

Refer to Blog post routing for more information.

July 2023

Bulk Candidate Actions

We've made some changes to the way that you can select and work with candidates in bulk within the candidate CRM search screen. It is now easier to select a number of candidates in bulk - either the entire group of candidates within your search or alternatively, you can select a particular page of search results.

We've also relocated the bulk actions sub-menu, so it's more intuitive to initiate those activities on your selected group of candidates.

Refer to Bulk candidate actions for more information.

Location Management Options (Workday)

For customers with an active ATS integration, new Job locations are automatically created via the integration when a new location is created in the ATS and assigned to a job which is sourced to the Recruitment Marketing powered careers site.

Once those locations have been created for the first time, administrators within the Recruitment Marketing module are able to make edits to those locations. Traditionally, subsequent updates made to those locations within the ATS have not been automatically applied to the related data in the Recruitment Marketing module to prevent those manual edits from being overwritten.

In many circumstances, this approach is still the optimal approach, however, to provide additional flexibility we've introduced an alternative option for customers with an active Workday API integration.

Those customers can now choose to have the locations within Recruitment Marketing automatically updated via the integration. Additionally, individual locations can be opted out of those automated updates.

Refer to Job locations in Recruitment Marketing for more information.

Bulk Candidate import - JSON format deprecation

Due to a lack of usage, we've removed support for bulk candidate imports to be performed using a JSON structure as the data source. Imports can still be completed using the more popular CSV format.

June 2023

Enhanced Blog Post Editor (BETA Release)

Blogs are a great way of driving traffic to your career site, and statistics show that people who engage with this kind of content on your site are more likely to ultimately decide to become an applicant.

To make it easier to create and edit blog content within Recruitment Marketing, we've been working on delivering an enhanced user experience that allows for an easier and more intuitive authoring process.


Before making the new version available to all users, we'd love to get some feedback on this new approach and are looking for customers who like to opt-in to give it a try and provide some feedback on their experience.

For more details on the new approach to creating and editing blog posts, please refer to this article.

If you'd like to opt-in to give it a try, please speak to your PageUp customer success representative, who can arrange to have the new functionality enabled for you.

May 2023

Support for Hybrid Remote Jobs

The way that people work is continuing to evolve, and remote working - either fully remote or in some cases hybrid arrangements - is a key aspect of this.

It is important when potential candidates are searching for job opportunities on your Recruitment Marketing powered career site that they are able to easily identify remote opportunities.

We've enhanced our existing functionality to allow jobs to be categorised as:

  • On site
  • Fully remote
  • Hybrid remote (i.e. partially on site and partially remote)

To learn how to utilise this enhancement, please review this article.

CRM: Improved Candidate Search Result Presentation (Full Release)

Following the BETA release of our improved candidate search results grid last month, we will begin a full rollout of this new functionality to all users commencing 31st May 2023.

It is still possible for users to opt into using the new functionality ahead of the rollout to your specific system, and users can still revert back to using the previous style grid for a limited period by following the instructions described here.

Sunset Notice: Social Sharing Functionality

As a result of the extremely low utilisation of the current Social Sharing functionality, PageUp has made the decision to sunset this functionality as a directly supported product feature for its Recruitment Marketing and Personalised Job Pages products, and the functionality will be removed on May 31, 2023.

For more information and to understand alternative options, please refer to this article.

Workday ATS: Integration Override Fields (Requisition)

Customers who have an active API integration to the Workday ATS are able to utilise Job Template Fields and the related ATS Field Mappings functionality to populate non-standard job requisition data from Workday against jobs within the Recruitment Marketing system.

This functionality leverages Workday's Integration_Field_Override_Data capability. A customer's ability to include integration field overrides may rely on the configuration options available to them on their Workday platform.

For information on how to configure Integration Override Fields for requisition related data, please review this article.

Workday ATS: Multiple Job Posting Site IDs

When configuring the Workday API integration to pull in job data from the ATS, it is possible to limit the job requisitions which are pulled into Recruitment Marketing to only those jobs posted to specific Job Posting Sites. With this change, it is now possible to specify multiple Job Site Posting IDs.

For information on configuring the Workday API integration, please review this article.

Workday ATS: Retrieve ATS Data for Imported Candidates

For customers with an active Workday ATS API integration, it is now possible to select to retrieve additional candidate data from the ATS when manually importing candidates into the Recruitment Marketing CRM database.

For information on how this functionality can be utilised, please review this article.

Password Reset Functionality

Whilst the majority of Recruitment Marketing users are able to take advantage of SAML based Single Sign On functionality to access the system, a small number of users access their accounts via username and password functionality.

We've made a small change to the process when these users reset their password within the system. Users will now be prompted to enter their existing password when setting their new password.

Jobs: Support for Multiple Locations on Manually Created Jobs

Whilst most jobs that are posted on customer's Recruitment Marketing powered career sites are created via an integration to the customer's ATS system, on some occasions, it is necessary to create jobs manually within the Recruitment Marketing system.

We've now made it possible to assign multiple locations to a manually created job, making it more flexible to post these jobs against a number of different search locations.

Copy to Clipboard Confirmation

There are a number of occasions when the Recruitment Marketing system copies information to your clipboard to allow you to paste it into a document, email or other system. For example, you are able to click the icon against a job to copy the URL of that job to your clipboard.

In an improvement to the usability of this functionality, you will now receive a short confirmation message when this occurs, confirming that the information has been successfully copied to your clipboard.

Transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

As you may be aware, Google is ending support for its Universal Analytics product on 1st July 2023 and requires all customers to transition their Universal Analytics properties to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by that date.

For more information refer to the Google article, Universal Analytics is going away.

To support our customers in this transition, we are making changes to how Google Analytics tags are configured in the Recruitment Marketing system.

To understand how this change may affect you, please review this article.

April 2023

CRM: Improved Candidate Search Result Presentation (BETA)

Building on recent enhancements to the Candidate Search experience within the CRM, we are making some changes to the way that the search results are presented on screen.

The table which shows the candidate search results is being redesigned from the ground up, allowing us to provide a better user experience, and more intuitive usability moving forward.


We are still working hard on some of the more advanced features of the new table, but whilst we are doing that we wanted to allow our users to start benefiting from the improved user experience right away.

The new table will be automatically enabled for all new users created within the system, and existing users can opt-in to try the new table by enabling it in their user settings.

To access your user settings, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen, and then click the settings icon next to your name in the drop down menu.


From the User Settings screen, check the option to Use the new candidates' grid, and then click Save.


You will now see the new table when you visit the candidate screen within the CRM. You can revert back to the previous table at any time by unchecking the box.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new table, which you can provide via the in system feedback links.

New Job Distribution Channel:

We’ve added a new job distribution channel to our already extensive list of channels within Recruitment Marketing. You can now enable a job distribution feed for the BuiltIn network of job boards ( BuiltIn specialises in job opportunities within startups and tech companies and also has specific job boards targeted as specific tech hubs such as Austin, Boston and San Francisco. BuiltIn is a paid service, so you will need to create an account with BuiltIn ( and work with them to configure their service to pull jobs from the new feed. For more information on how to enable this and other job distribution feeds within Recruitment Marketing, please review this article.

Carousels: Remove unwanted slides

Following feedback from customers, we’ve updated our recently introduced Carousel functionality to allow users to delete or remove entire slides from the Carousel. Previously it was possible to delete or remove individual columns from a slide, but there was no option to remove an entire slide from the deck. As shown below, you can now easily remove an entire slide from your Carousel deck by simply clicking the delete icon to the top right of the slide.


To learn more about creating and configuring Carousel content for your Recruitment Marketing powered career site, please review this article.

CRM: Date range added to ATS Statuses filter

Following on from recent enhancements to the filters within CRM candidate grid, we’ve now enhanced the existing ATS Statuses filter by adding a date range capability to the filter.


By utilising the date filter, it is now possible to constrain your search by a particular date range, so it becomes possible to execute as search such as “all candidates whose ATS status was x within the last 30 days”.

FAQs: Set initial display state

We’ve added functionality to allow you to determine whether the answers to your FAQs should be shown opened or collapsed by default. Previously, all answers were initially displayed in the collapsed state, by when adding the FAQ block to a page on your career website, you can now specify the default state within the settings.

Greenhouse: Automatic sync of ATS candidate tags

For customers with an integration to the Greenhouse ATS, the tags attached to candidates within the ATS will now be automatically synchronized to the CRM profile of the corresponding candidate within Recruitment Marketing. If a tag is added or removed from the candidate’s profile in the ATS, this will automatically update on their CRM profile the next time the candidate integration runs. It should be noted that tags which have been added to the candidate directly within Recruitment Marketing, either manually by a user, or as the result of a workflow, will not be affected by the synchronization of tags with the ATS. For more information on the configuration of the ATS integration with Greenhouse, please refer to this article.

March 2023

Job Search Block - usability enhancements

We are continually looking to understand how we can improve the candidate experience when searching for jobs on our customer's career sites. Based on discussions with customers and candidates, we've added some new functionality to the Job Search Result block.

The new functionality, which can optionally be enabled, allows for the inclusion of the following elements:

  • "Clear Filters" button - this resets the currently selected filters. By design, it does not clear the keyword search box.
  • Active filters indicator - when this option is enabled, the currently selected filters will be displayed to the candidate underneath the keyword search box.
  • Sort by - when enabled, the candidate can now choose how to order the search results. Supported options are by title (A to Z, Z to A) or by last updated date (oldest to newest, newest to oldest.

The options can be enabled via the Job Search Result block on the relevant pages within the page editor:

To understand how to configure the Job Search Result block, please review this article.

Additional Carousel layout option

Building on the recent release of our self-service Carousel content builder, we've added a new option to allow for more flexibility in layout.

The new option allows your to add columns to a slide in either a 1/3 and 2/3 layout, or alternatively a 2/3 and 1/3 layout. This layout is popular when displaying employee testimonials or quotes, with the 1/3 generally used to show an image of the employee, and the 2/3 used for the text of the quote or testimonial.

For more information on building Carousel content, please review this article.

Video blocks - supporting text

We've enhanced the configuration options available to you when adding a video content block to pages within your Recruitment Marketing powered career site.

You can now add header and / or footer text to the video block using the content editor on the video block configuration screen.

To learn more about configuring content blocks, please review this article.

Location Management

When managing locations, we've made it easier to locate the location you are looking for by adding the ability to search for the location using the ATS identifier for that location. The identifier is also available as a column when viewing the locations.

Additionally, we've also updated the filtering options on this screen to allow you to search for locations which are currently not in use by your actively posted jobs. This makes it easier to identify locations which may now be obsolete.

Reporting User Role

A new user role (or permission) has been added to the Recruitment Marketing system to ensure that customers are able to appropriately provide access to their users. The new role controls which users have access to the reporting functionality within the system.

The new role has been automatically assigned to any user who previously had permissions to view reports by virtue of the other roles they had assigned to them, so no specific action is needed to provide this new role to your existing team members.

For more information on user roles within the system, please review this article.

New candidate - document upload

When manually adding a new candidate to your Recruitment Marketing CRM, it is now possible to optionally upload a document at the same time. This may be useful if you are looking to attach their resume, or other supporting documentation to their candidate record.

CRM Filters - additional date range filters

Following on from our recent enhancements to the filters available within the CRM candidate grid, we've added the date range filter to a number of additional filters, allowing you to constrain your search to a specific time period.

The date filter has been added to the following:

  • Jobs Applied
  • Jobs Dropped Off
  • Jobs Application Completed
  • Jobs Viewed
  • Jobs Favourited

In each case, you are able to filter by a specific date range, or alternatively, you can apply a relative range (e.g. last 30 days).

External Widgets

Our Widget functionality allows you to extend the reach of your Recruitment Marketing powered career site and CRM beyond the boundaries of the site itself, allowing you to engage with candidates as they interact with your organisation in other places on the internet.

For example, wouldn't it be awesome if an engineer who was reading about the engineering department on your organisation's corporate website, could sign up for your engineering talent community right there from that page on the corporate site?

How about if you could display a list of currently advertised engineering opportunities right there on that same page as well?

Well, our widgets make this a reality, and they are amazingly easy to set up. Find out how to create one here.

February 2023

Marketing Analytics - expanded block analysis coverage

Recruitment Marketing's innovative block analysis functionality allows customers to understand how specific content on their career site is resonating with potential job seekers who visit the site.

By reviewing the block analysis for specific pages, it is possible to identify content which resonates strongly, and conversely, identify content which may be under-performing in terms of candidate engagement, allowing the customer to make educated decisions about how to update those pages for maximum benefit.

In order to further empower our customers, we've extended the coverage of the block analysis functionality to cover additional types of content with their career sites. In addition to the existing regular web site pages, it is now possible to view the block analysis for pages of the following types:

  • Job templates
  • Blog post templates
  • Blog search pages
  • Candidate settings

For more information refer to Viewing a block analysis report.

Job Summary field available to display on job template pages

We've made an update to allow the job summary field, which is supplied by some ATS integrations, to be displayed as part of the Job Description block on your career site.

Historically, the summary field has only been available to include as a field in the Job Search Result block, but can now be included along with the job description on a job template page as well.

eArcu integration: improved candidate user experience

We've updated our integration with eArcu to provide candidates with a better user experience when commencing their job application. Moving forward, when a candidate submits their apply call to action on Recruitment Marketing, the candidate's email address, along with their first and last names, will be passed to the ATS, and pre-filled into the candidate's application.

Content management system: page library

It is now possible to toggle your view within the Page Library to view pages that you may previously have archived. Additionally, those archived pages can now be unarchived.

Workday integration: identification of remote work opportunities

Starting with the introduction of v39.2 of their API, Workday introduced a new fields which allows customers to more specifically define the type of remote work which is appropriate for a particular job. We have updated our integration with Workday API to allow customers using this new field to leverage that data to identify the remote work opportunities within Recruitment Marketing. For more information refer to Workday API integration.

January 2023

Carousel content blocks

As part of our commitment to ensure that customers are able to keep the content on their careers site fresh and up to date without the need to have HTML coding knowledge, we've introduce a new content block which allows customers to create and manage carousel content within the career site.

A carousel is a slideshow which allow for the cycling of a series of content within a content block on a page within your career site.

Carousels are made up of a series of slides, which can be cycled manually by the visitor, or can be configured to auto-cycle after a specified amount of time. Within each slide, there can be one or more items of content.

Common scenarios where carousel blocks are utilised include:

  • Page header images
  • Employee testimonials
  • Displaying awards / logos

An example of a carousel is shown here:

To learn more about carousels, and to understand how to easily add them to your career site, refer to Managing carousels.

Job summary included in keyword search

An updated has been made to the keyword search functionality on the job search within the careers site to incorporate the summary text for the job into the search.

It should be noted that not all ATS integrations provide a summary field as part of their available data. You can check whether your ATS passes this information to Recruitment Marketing by viewing a job within the system and validating whether this field is populated:

CRM: Enhanced candidate filtering functionality

We know that it is important for our customers to be able to effectively search the candidates within their CRM database in Recruitment Marketing, so we've recently made some enhancements to the search filters within the candidate screen to ensure that customers are able to easily and intuitively perform the searches they need to when mining that important data.

Firstly, we've added the following filters to allow customers to further refine their searches:

  • Interaction > Applications complete - date range
  • Interaction > Job countries
  • Interaction > Job regions (e.g. US states, UK counties)
  • Interaction > Job world regions (e.g. APAC, EMEA)
  • Interaction > UTM Parameters - Source (includes date range)
  • Interaction > UTM Parameters - Medium (include date range)
  • Interaction > UTM Parameters - Campaign (include date range)
  • Candidate > Recent Location > Matches region (e.g. US states, UK counties)
  • Candidate > Recent Location > Matches world region (e.g. APAC, EMEA)

Additionally, we've made it easier to work with some of the existing filters, by making the following changes:

  • Standardised the filtering options, where appropriate, to be "Has all of", which effectively acts as an AND operator, and "Has any of", which effectively acts as an OR operator
  • Where a defined list of options is available, such as a list of countries, or the responses to a drop down field on a CTA, the filter now presents those options via a multi-select drop down list, so it is no longer necessary to enter free text into the filter.

See below for an example of an OR search within the new Job world regions filter:

CRM: Configuration of candidate grid columns

We've made it easier to configure the columns in the candidate grid within the CRM to just show you the information you are interested in.

You can easily customise the displayed columns by clicking the Columns button in the top right of the screen, and toggling on or off the columns you'd like to see displayed.

New ATS integrations: Hirebridge and Jobtrain

We've added two new ATS integrations to our extensive suite of existing integrations, with the inclusion of Hirebridge and Jobtrain.

To find out how to configure these new integrations, refer to:




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