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The following items are changes and enhancements to the PageUp Recruitment Marketing module.
For other modules, you can view the latest changes under Upgrades.

Currently being worked on

Career Website: Employee Connection Content Blocks

The authentic employee-generated content created via the Employee Connections module is an important aspect of your Talent Acquisition strategy. We are working on ways to allow you to utilise that powerful content in other areas of your Recruitment Marketing powered career site.

To achieve this, we are building our dedicated Employee Connections content blocks, which can be included in both web pages and email communications to allow you to share that engaging content more widely with prospective candidates.

For the latest information, refer to Employee Connections Content Blocks.

Schedule a Conversation

We recognise that it is important to humanise the right moments within the recruitment process, and how conversations between recruiters and current or prospective candidates are a vital part of helping attract the best talent for your organisation. With this in mind, we are building an integration with Cronofy, a leading provider of calendaring technology that allows customers to easily let candidates self-book themselves into 1:1 conversations with recruiters.

For the latest information, refer to Schedule a Conversation

Candidate CRM: Pinned Filters & Filter Grouping

We are always looking for opportunities to make it easier to mine your candidate CRM database for the right candidates for your upcoming roles. We have now rolled out "Pinned Filters", which allows you to pin your most frequently used filters to the top of the filter panel so they are always easily accessible. Furthermore, we will also introduce some additional logical grouping of the filters to make the selection of filters more intuitive.

Employee Connections: AI suggesting discussions to merge into one

We have recently released the functionality to merge two or more discussions into one. We are using AI (artificial intelligence) to help match similar questions to save Insiders time answering the same question again and help candidates find the answer to their question faster.

Employee Connections: SAML Single Sign On (SSO)

We are working on creating a SAML 2.0 Single Sign On integration for Admins and Insiders to have a simpler login than the Employee Connections platform. This integration would be between our customer's Identity Provider (IdP) and ourselves. Common IdPs include Okta, Google and Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), but we will be able to integrate with any SAML 2.0 identity provider.

June 2024

Email Jobs List Block: filter by job criteria

We know that including a list of currently open job opportunities within your candidate nurture emails is a great way to attract and engage potential applicants.

In addition to including recommended or recently posted jobs within the Jobs List blocks in your campaign emails, we've now made it possible to also filter your Jobs List using the familiar "Jobs Criteria" that you utilise elsewhere within the system.

Email Jobs List Filter by Criteria

For information on the Job Criteria syntax, refer to Campaign job criteria.

Sunset notice: Job Advertisement translations

The functionality which allows customers with multiple languages enabled on their Recruitment Marketing career site to machine translate their job descriptions into alternate languages will be sunsetted from 5 June 2024.

A recent review of language translation functionality within the Recruitment Marketing module has highlighted extremely low customer adoption of this particular capability. As such, a decision has been made to end support for this feature.

The ability to translate other content within the Recruitment Marketing product is unaffected and remains available to you if enabled within your system.

Job Advert Translations

Employee Connections: Pin a reply

Discussions are updated with new replies and additional details. Sometimes even videos replies are added after the initial text response. This can lead to the best responses to a question being too low down on the discussion page. 

To aid in ensuring the best response can stay at the top of the page and receive the most views, Admins are now able to pin a reply to the top of a discussion page. Simply click "Pin reply" on the response (either text or video) and it will stay at the top. 

May 2024

Employee Connections: Merge multiple questions into one discussion

From the feedback provided by customers, we find that a common pain point is answering a similar question from candidates multiple times. These similar questions dilute the categories and make it hard for candidates to find what they are looking for. With our latest feature, Admins will be able to merge one discussion with the other. This means that the replies from both will show under one question, cleaning up the platform and directing new candidates to the best answer in one place. 

For more information on how to Merge discussions, refer to Merge multiple discussions to one single discussion.

Career Website: Live Chat Content Blocks (Employee Connections)

As part of our strategy to allow customers with the Employee Connections module to widely showcase their employee-generated content throughout their wider Talent Acquisition strategy, we have released the first of our dedicated Employee Connections content blocks.

The first block to be released focuses on promoting Live Chat events which are interactive question and answer sessions that allow you to engage with a specific cohort of candidates to cover a specific topic. For example, a Live Chat may focus on early career candidates, or perhaps you may run a session dedicated to DE&I within your organisation.

Whatever the topic, the new Live Chat content blocks allow you to showcase upcoming and completed Live Chat events both on your careers site and also within nurture campaign emails, helping to maximise registrations and engagement with the events.

For more information on how to enable the Live Chat content block, refer to Employee Connections Content Blocks.

Employee Connections: Improved Moderation, Search and Feedback on the Enhanced Live chat

With the latest release Admins have been given more moderation features. They are able to ban candidates from the Live chat and delete discussions and replies. To help candidates ensure their question wasn't already asked, they are now able to search through discussions as well. 

Gaining feedback on the success of a Live chat is important to our customers. Therefore, we have added a "Share feedback" button in the upper right of all Live chats, giving the candidates the opportunity to give feedback at any point during the Live chat.

For more information, refer to Employee Connections Live chat events.

April 2024

Employee Connections: Enhanced Live chat 

Sharing authentic employee experiences is improved with the latest version of the Live chat. Along with a better User Experience, the platform boasts many new features. This includes the ability for candidates to select their preference for "Dark or Light mode". 

Admins will be able to "Pin Questions" to the top of all questions to ensure the best content is viewed by candidates. 

Which Insider is answering a question is now simplified with our "Assign a Question" feature. Admins can assign questions to Insiders, which are shown at the top right of the question for all to see. The Insider receives a notification and the question appears in the "Assigned to Me" tab on the Live chat.

Asking Insiders to add to a chat is also simplified with our "Mention" feature. Simply type @ within a reply and a list of all Insiders will pop up. When selected, and the message has been sent, the Insider receives a notification and the question is now displayed in the "Mentioned" tab on the Live chat.

For more information, refer to Employee Connections Live chat events.

LinkedIn CRM Connect - General Release

We are extremely excited to announce that the LinkedIn CRM Connect integration is now available to all eligible customers.

LinkedIn is an important source of candidates for many of our Recruitment Marketing customers, and we have been working closely with the LinkedIn team to deliver a powerful integration between our two systems.


The industry-leading integration, which should see recruiters who work extensively across the two platforms able to make significant time savings, will allow users with access to a LinkedIn Recruiter seat to see key information from their Recruitment Marketing CRM directly within LinkedIn Recruiter when reviewing candidates. Additionally, it will be easy to export new candidates from LinkedIn to your CRM with just a few clicks.

When working in Recruitment Marketing, recruiters will be able to view the LinkedIn profile of synchronised candidates directly from their candidate card. They can even send LinkedIn inMail to those candidates from within Recruitment Marketing.

To understand the eligibility requirements that enable the integration, and for instructions on how to get started, refer to LinkedIn CRM Connect: Configuration

To find out more about the key features of the integration, refer to LinkedIn CRM Connect

February 2024

Generative AI Powered Content Assistant

Creating engaging content which attracts visitors to your career site, and helps convert their initial interest in your organisation into applications, needs to be a key aspect of your Talent Acquisition strategy.

The introduction of our new Generative AI Powered Content Assistant gives you a significant helping hand in producing that powerful and authentic content. Backed by a large language model (LLM), the Content Assistant makes it easier for you to build out content for your career sites. This helps attract the best talent.

Building on the Recruitment Marketing suite's existing range of AI capabilities, the Content Assistant will roll out across various aspects of content generation in the coming months, starting initially with the Blogging functionality.

For more information, refer to AI Powered Content Assistant.

January 2024

Expanded Project visibility options

Projects are an excellent way to collaborate with colleagues to build, manage, and nurture talent pipelines within your Recruitment Marketing CRM for certain roles, job families, or perhaps even specialised talent pools such as executive recruitment. The collaborative aspect is important, and this functionality will remain a key aspect of the Project's functionality.

You told us that the option to expand the visibility of certain Projects beyond just those named collaborators would speed you up. Now, we're introducing a new Project Visibility option to the configuration settings for Projects. Whilst the default option for new and existing projects will remain for them to only be visible to the named collaborators, a new option is available for the owner to make specific Projects visible to all recruiters.


For more information, refer to Projects.



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