Recruitment Marketing user roles

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So that your Recruitment Marketing content can be distributed with confidence and be effective in attracting, engaging, and informing candidates, it must meet the branding standards set by your organisation.

Recruitment Marketing has a content approval mechanism in place that helps reduce the risk of sub-standard content going live.

Each team member in has specific content access rights or publishing permissions assigned to them. These rights and permissions are determined by the user Roles.

A user's role allocations apply across all company accounts.

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Organisation Admin

A system account administrator. This user has access to all data and functions, can Manage Users, Themes, and can organise companies.

Anyone who is an Organisation Admin can assign this role level and the below roles.

Company Admin

A company account administrator. This user has access to all data and functions within a Company.

Anyone who is a Company Admin can assign the below roles.

Content Publisher

This user has access to publish content on the platform without seeking approval. This role is used to grant publish rights to users that otherwise wouldn't have them.

They have permission to:

  • Publish pages
  • Publish blogs

Content Creator

This user has access to create content on the platform. This role on its own is often used to give appropriate access to marketing and content users and third party service suppliers that shouldn’t have access to any candidate data.

They have access to:

  • Pages and page editor - create and edit rights.
  • Blogs and blog editor

This user role does not have access to:

  • Company and Organisation menu areas
  • Publishing rights to pages
  • Publishing rights to blogs
  • Candidate CRM & Candidate data
  • Jobs

Content Approver

This user has the right to approve content for live publishing. This role is usually used by managers to approve content for publishing by subordinates that do not have a Content Publisher role. Users with this right get emails requesting content approval when a user without Content Publisher rights requests approval. This user may review and approve the content right from the email without needing to log in. This makes it a manager-friendly approval process.

When content is approved it is automatically published. All content approval is logged in the User Audit Log available from the side menu, under Reports & Logs.

A Content Approver has permission to:

  • Approve content for publishing


This user role has access to most functions and relevant data within the platform outside of the Company and Organisation menu areas.

They can have access to:

  • Dashboard on login
  • Candidate CRM and candidate data
  • Jobs
  • Blogs
  • QR Codes

This user role does not have access to:

  • Content menu items: Web Pages; Careers Websites and Calls-To-Action
  • Company and Organisation menu areas
  • Reports

Traffic Source Manager

This user has the ability to the Traffic Sources and Traffic Source Costs pages.

Device Manager

This user has the access to the Devices page.

CRM Exporter

This user has the ability to bulk export candidate data. The above roles do not grant this access.


Users with this role will have access to the Reports section and on the main dashboard.