The Candidate card

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This article provides an overview of the features available on the candidate preview and profile screens.

To access

  1. From the side menu, under CRM click Candidates.
    Alternatively from the Home Dashboard, click Candidates.
  2. Use the search options to find the relevant candidate or locate them in a list.
  3. Click the candidate's name to open their profile as a popup over the list of candidates. 
  4. Click the View Full Profile button up the top left to navigate to the profile. 

Candidate profile

On the left side of this screen are the following sections and details:



Click the Lists icon to view static lists available to add / remove the candidate to / from.


Click the Actions icon to access the following options:

  • Edit
  • Search on LinkedIn
  • Search on Google
  • Watch / Unwatch: Click to be notified when the candidate visits a page, or not.
  • Merge
  • Share
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe
  • Archive / Unarchive
  • Anonymize


  • Personal contact details
  • Tags
  • Custom Fields


  • Interaction: The system will allocate candidates a score on a scale of 0 (least engaged) to 1 (most engaged). This allows you to quickly and easily identify your most engaged candidates.
  • Last Touch
  • First Touch


These pinpoints are based on the candidate's IP when interacting with the system. Click the Locations heading to display more details.

Static Lists

This section displays any static lists that the candidate has been added to.

Main section

In the main section of the Candidate profile are the following tabs and details:


This tab displays by default with the contents of all other tabs listed.


Click this tab to upload and view existing files for the candidate.
Supported file types: DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPG, JPEG, ODT, PDF, PNG, RTF, XML, X-PNG, ZIP.


Click this tab to view a list of actions the candidate has consented to.


Click this tab to view an employment history for the candidate.


Click this tab to view a list of jobs the candidate has viewed; jobs they have begun and completed applications for; jobs suggested for them; and any jobs they have favourited.

Suggested Jobs

If using a skills matcher such as Pocket Recruiter, this tab will display if jobs have been identified for the candidate.

Job Matching uses context free collaborative filtering to identify jobs to recommend to candidates. It works in a similar way to websites that suggest content for their users.


  • Candidate 1 only looked at Job A and Job B.
  • Candidate 2 looked at Job A, Job B and Job C.

The system will identify a behavioural recommendation, and then suggest Job C to Candidate 1.

Click this tab to view a list of jobs that the candidate has been matched to.


Click this tab to view a timeline of blogs the candidate has searched for on a blog post search form. The candidate’s page where the search was initiated, keyword used, results returned and approximate location will be displayed.


Click this tab to view a list of forms the candidate has submitted.


Click this tab to view a list of workflows the candidate has participated in.


Click this tab to add and view a list of notes the candidate has. These are visible for team members only.


Click this tab to send and view a list of text messages the candidate has been sent.


Click this tab to view a list of emails the candidate has been sent, create new messages and reply to existing ones.


Click this tab to add and view a list of activities recorded with the candidate.



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