Editing candidate information

Recruitment Marketing


Occasionally you may need to change or update a candidate's record in Recruitment Marketing. For example, it may become apparent over the course of communicating with a candidate that they prefer to go by a first name that is different to the one listed on their candidate profile. Or, perhaps you would like to update the email address or home address you have on record for a particular candidate.

  1. From the side menu, under CRM click Candidates.
    Alternatively from the Home Dashboard, click Candidates.
  2. Use the search options to find the relevant candidate or locate them in a list.
  3. Click the candidate's name to open their profile.
  4. Click the View Full Profile button.
  5. Next to their name, click the Actions icon then select Edit.

  6. In the Edit Candidate page, make your required changes by clicking into the relevant field.
  7. Click the Save button to keep the changes.
    A record of these changes will display in the Timeline on the candidate card.
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