Campaign source tracking

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  • Setup a campaign URL with unique tracking code.
  • Setup a new matching traffic source in Recruitment Marketing.
  • Add cost information to the traffic source in Recruitment Marketing.
  • Deploy the campaign URL for use in the ad campaign.
  • Report on the traffic as it comes in.

Setting up the campaign

Setup a campaign using a tool like Google Campaign Builder. During this process, you will set a unique code to be included in the URL. Set the Campaign URL as the destination for candidates to click, when following the advertisement.

Setting up the traffic source in Recruitment Marketing

  1. Login to Recruitment Marketing.
  2. From the side menu, under Company click Traffic Sources.
  3. Click Add New Traffic Source.
  4. Complete the following:
    • Name - enter a name for reporting.
    • Type - select the category that the traffic source best fits under.
    • UTM source of URL - enter the Unique Code created when building the campaign link.
      • If using Google Campaign Builder, this will equal the Campaign Source set against the Google campaign generated.

      • If using another tool, enter the Campaign Source equivalent.
    • Regular expression to match domain of URL - leave empty if using UTM source of URL.
  5. Click Save.

The traffic source matching approach is sequential. It starts at the first option, and works its way down the list in order until it finds a match. If it does not find a match, it will not attribute the traffic to a source.

It is important to set the order of the new traffic source so detection occurs before any catchall domain regex matching. For example, a Facebook campaign then the new traffic source, should be earlier in the list than the generic Domain Regex for Facebook. This can be done alongside the new traffic source via the Move position action.

If required, tracking costs can be configured as follows:

  1. Alongside the relevant traffic source, click the View costs action.
  2. Click Add New Sourcing Cost.
  3. Enter a Date Range for the campaign.
  4. Enter the total cost for the campaign.
  5. Click Save.

The system will then use any traffic associated with that source in reporting to automatically calculate the cost per visitor/application etc.

Deploying the Campaign URL

The URL generated can now be deployed. When candidates click the ad, they will follow the link to the recently configured Recruitment Marketing page. The unique code will be included in the referrer, and the information will be tracked by Recruitment Marketing in the traffic sources for reporting.



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