Viewing jobs analytics in Recruitment Marketing

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To access:

  1. From the side menu, under Reports & Logs click Reports.
  2. Click the Jobs tab to view data on each of the following:

Top Jobs by Stage

In this chart on the page, you will see the top 5 best performing jobs for your company. Each job is represented by a bar containing 4 segments. The segments detail:

  • How many unknown candidates viewed the job page
  • How many known candidates viewed the job
  • How many started an application by populating an apply CTA (excludes those who completed the application)
  • How many completed an application by successfully submitting their application to the ATS

To view details for all jobs, click View All.

Top Jobs

The table below the chart represents similar information to the chart but has two additional columns: conversion rate and drop off rate.

  • Visitors - The number of (known and unknown) candidates that viewed a job
  • Started Application - The number of candidates that started an application (includes those that completed the application)
  • Completed Application - The number of candidates that completed an application
  • Candidates - The number of candidates that viewed a job, then completed a job application, and went on to become a successful candidate
  • Hired - The number of candidates that viewed a job, then completed a job application, and were later hired

There are trends beside each number showing an increase/decrease in the column value, as seen in the screenshot below. By default, this is based on a comparison of: all data to present with all data up to the previous month. This comparison default can be changed at the top of the page.

To view details for these jobs, click View All.

Visitor Performance

This chart presents the number of visitors (both known and unknown) who have visited jobs pages within the specified time frame. The donut chart alongside shows the total number of visitors in the centre, with the circumference broken into coloured segments that illustrate the difference in number of visits by known and unknown candidates.

Heatmap tables

The last two components on the Jobs Reports page are tables that use shading to indicate the most popular times for candidates to view and start job applications.

Popularity of Job Views

This heatmap illustrates the most popular times for candidates viewing jobs. A darker colour is used for more popular times while a lighter colour is used for less popular times. The times displayed are local to the time zone of the company.

Popularity of Applications Started

Similar to the Popularity of Job Views chart, this heatmap illustrates the most popular times when candidates start job applications.



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