Formatting text blocks

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Basic formatting options

When adding text (in the form of a text block, agent quote, call-to-action, or perhaps on top of an image), be aware that you have various formatting options available to you as this editor creates HTML.

Once you've added a block that already contains or will contain text, click the Edit Block pencil icon in the top left corner to format this text.

In addition to Bold and Italics, you can choose to display your text or sections of your text, as:

  • Header 1
  • Header 2
  • Header 3
  • Header 4
  • Header 5
  • Paragraph
  • Quote

To choose one of the above, highlight the relevant section of text and select an option from the Formats drop down.


Other options


Add hyperlinks by highlighting a piece of text and clicking the link button. This will open a modal. From here you can:

  • Control the destination URL the link will take you to.
  • Text to display (if it is any different than the text you have highlighted)
  • Link title (This is relevant to screen readers)
  • Open behaviour of the link (open a new window or stay within the current tab)
  • Button class. This can be targeted by adding CSS against the Page Theme.


Anchors are a general HTML concept that allows you to scroll to a position on a long page. They act as a shortcut linking sections on the page. For example:

  • You can put an anchor in the footer of a page by clicking the anchor button in the footer block and typing "my_footer_anchor". This will be added to the document at the footer as: <a id="my_footer_anchor"></a> .
  • Then you can add a link to this anchor in your text block by clicking on the link button and typing in #my_footer_anchor under the URL option. This will generate HTML like so: Jump to the footer

Page Variables

If you add a page variable like job.title - on a hero image on a job template page. When the candidate views a job, we replace those variables with the name of the job and the city, so you'll see Software Engineer - Melbourne in the hero image.


Tags can be used on the block to generate certain text. If you want a count of the jobs on a block, insert the tag Job counter, which can be used to generate the following: Melbourne Jobs (2) Sydney Jobs (3). In this case, you can enter the query language on the Job Counter button e.g. city = Melbourne or title ~ Engineer (title includes the word Engineer). When the candidate looks at the page, PageUp runs those queries, figures out how many jobs match the query, and inserts that number into the block.

Refer to Job filtering language for more information.


Images and videos can also be added.

The display of these two options is controlled via the setting Allow media in text block editor. This is accessible via:

  1. From the side menu, under Company click Settings.
  2. Under Web click Content options.



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