Configuring a job description block

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The Job Description block allows you to configure what job or requisition information you would like to display to candidates when they are viewing the details of a particular job on your Recruitment Marketing powered career site.

Recruitment Marketing's innovative job routing functionality allows you to define rules which determine which job template page is shown for a particular job, and the flexibility available to you via the Job Description block means that you can display different job details for different subsets of jobs - such as a particular job family or location.

This block type is only available for use on a:

  • Job Template Page

Accessing the Page Editor

To access the Page Editor for your default job template page:

  1. From the side menu, under Content click Web Pages.
  2. Click the Careers Website tab.
  3. In the Settings section, click the link next to Job Template Page.

Alternatively, if you have created additional job template pages which are being utilised by job routing rules configured on your career site:

  1. From the side menu, under Content click Web Pages.
  2. Click the Page Library tab.
  3. Locate the name of the Job template page you are looking to edit, and click the name of the page to access the page editor.

Adding a job search results block

  1. In the Page Editor, click the Add Row icon to add a row of the relevant dimensions from the Content Row Libray. Alternatively, if a Job Search Results block already exists, navigate to it and click the Edit Block button.
  2. Within that row, click the Add Block button.
  3. Select Job Description from the Content Block Library.
  4. The block will be added, and a message will show indicating "(Job Description unavailable in editing or analysis mode)".
  5. Click the Edit Block button.
  6. In the Job Description settings panel, configure as required.
  7. Select the appropriate Location format for the display of locations on the job description.
  8. Indicate whether the following Job description fields should be displayed above the main job description text: 
      • Remote - this setting is deprecated. Use Workplace types instead
      • Workplace types - shows whether the job is "Remote", "Hybrid" or "On site"
      • Requisition identifier - the job ID from the ATS
      • Summary - short summary of the job description
      • Location - the locations attached to the job
      • Location Group - higher level grouping of locations. Only supported for jobs from the PageUp Recrutment Management module
      • Department - where the job sites in the organisation structure
      • Category
      • Category Group - higher level grouping of categories. Only supported for jobs from the PageUp Recrutment Management module
      • Employment type - usually represents values such as "Full time", "Part time", "Contract" etc
      • Level - usually represents the seniority of the job (e.g. "Executive", "Professional", "Intern")
      • Position Description Document - only supported for jobs from the PageUp Recrutment Management module (see below)
      • Opening at - date and time the job application period opens
      • Opening on - date the job application period opens
      • Closing at - date and time the job application period closes
      • Closing on - date the job application period closes
      • Payment - salary information
  9. If appropriate, set the following advanced features:
    • CSS Class
    • Screenreader content
  10. Click the Save button to keep the settings.

Displaying a position description document

For jobs integrated from the PageUp Recruitment Management module, where a Position Description document has been uploaded against the job within the Recruitment Management module, it is possible to make that document available for candidates to view from the job description page on your career site.

It should be noted that the position of View Position Description button can't be moved, although it can be styled using CSS in the CMS.

Troubleshooting note: if the link button is visible, but the document fails to download, please ask your PageUp Customer Success representative to check that the Secure position description document URL feature has been configured correctly.



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