Updating the navigation bar of a careers site

Recruitment Marketing Public

Your website's navigation bar (sometimes known as the nav bar or header) is often the first touch-point your visitors interact with to guide them to a specific page or area.

The navigation bar of your Recruitment Marketing site is managed via Themes.

  1. Open the Main menu
  2. Click Themes under the Organisation section
  3. Click the Edit icon against the relevant Page Theme
  4. Click on the Layouts section
  5. Click Edit against the relevant layout
    You’ll be presented with HTML which may be updated as required.
  6. Click Save.

We understand that not all customers are comfortable with editing HTML or may not have access to do so. We offer a service where we will perform the update on your behalf. Please log a request outlining what you are trying to achieve, and a member of the Customer Success Management team will review.



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