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Web content pages can be shared to social media sites such as LinkedIn, and is a great way to get a candidates attention. Whether it's a job listing, a particular web page from your Recruitment Marketing site, or a blog post, having an image appear will help strengthen your brand and candidate enagement. 

To select an image to share against a page:

  1. Log into the Recruitment Marketing admin console.
  2. Go to the relevant Company
  3. Click on Web Pages
  4. Click on the relevant Web Campaign
  5. Click to edit the relevant page
  6. Click on the Settings dropdown menu
  7. Click on Settings
  8. For Sharing image - there are 2 options to choose from:
    1. Select 'Automatically pick the image from the page'
    2. Select a preloaded image from your Images library
  9. Click Save.

This image selected will be the image that will appear when you post to a social media site.

To post to a social media site:

  • Go to the page that you want to share
  • Copy the URL address
  • Go to your chosen social media site to start posting
  • Add your URL address to your post





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