Exporting a candidate list to Excel

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It's easy to create custom exports based on candidate data in CSV format.

The below export candidates process will export whatever rows are shown in the grid. This means if a filter is applied to the grid, the export process will take that filter into account.

  1. From the side menu, under CRM click Lists.
  2. Click the name of the relevant list.
  3. From the top right side, click the Actions button.
  4. To export an existing list in its entirety, continue to the next step. Alternatively to include or exclude columns in the export process, click on the Columns link on the right side of the grid, and show/hide columns as needed.
  5. From the top right side, click the Actions button.

  6. From the drop down, click either:
    • Export All Candidates CSV (regular)
    • Export All Candidates CSV (spreadsheet compatible)
  7. A brief message displays: Exporting candidates to CSV. View progress here
    Click the link to open a new tab to view the progress and Candidate Exports history.
  8. Once complete the Status will update to be Processed and the Download icon will display alongside the record.
    Click the Download icon and follow the browser's prompts to access the file.

Exported records can also be accessed from the side menu, under CRM by clicking Exports.

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