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If you have an active API integration to the Workday ATS, you can utilise Job Template Fields and the related ATS Field Mappings functionality to populate non-standard job requisition data from Workday against jobs within the Recruitment Marketing system.

This functionality leverages Workday's Integration_Field_Override_Data capability. Your ability to include integration field overrides may rely on the configuration options available to you on your Workday platform.

Configuration in Workday

You should liaise with your Workday subject matter experts to configure appropriate integration field overrides relating to job requisitions within your Workday platform.

Once the integration field overrides have been set up within Workday, it will be necessary to obtain the WID(s) related to the field override or field override group.

Configuration in Recruitment Marketing

Update Workday API Integration settings

It is necessary to add the WID(s) that were created in the step above into the Workday API configuration settings. A detailed article relating to the configuration settings can be accessed here.

One or more WIDs can be entered into the field as shown:


The value(s) entered here are included in the API request when the relevant Workday requisition endpoints are called by Recruitment Marketing:


Create Job Template Fields

The values of the override fields will be stored against the job using Job Template Fields. A detailed article on creating and managing Job Template Fields can be accessed here.

An example of a job template field:



If the integration field override includes multiple fields, it will be necessary to create a corresponding job template field for each field that you wish to integrate.

Create ATS Field Mapping

To populate the data from the integration field override into the job template field(s), it will be necessary to create an ATS Field Mapping.

A detailed article on creating and managing ATS Field Mappings can be accessed here.

An example of an ATS Field mapping:



Note:  The WID value appears to be the same for every job requisition, therefore it does not make for a good identifier. Use {{integration_field_override_data[0].field_reference.value}} and not {{integration_field_override_data[0]}} in the ATS UID liquid expression field.


The above field mapping will access the following data:


If multiple integration field overrides are included, a more complex Liquid query expression may be required to ensure the correct data is mapped.

Viewing The Override Data

Once the integration has successfully executed, you will be able to see the mapped integration override data populated on the job screen within Recruitment Marketing:





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