Configuring jobs for distribution channels

Recruitment Marketing


Users have the ability to automate job distribution across multiple jobs boards, including Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and others. While it is the popular option for most clients to turn on all boards for all jobs, sometimes, their needs may be a little more nuanced.

For example, perhaps you'd like to share only Engineering jobs with one particular board, and all non-engineering jobs with the other jobs boards. With Recruitment Marketing, this filtered distribution is possible.

  1. From the side menu, under Integrations click Channels.
  2. On the Channels screen, Free Jobs Boards and Paid Jobs Boards each display with:
    • The number of # Jobs Live that reflect the number of jobs in the system that are being pushed out to each specific channel
    • A checkbox to Enable or disable the job distribution
    • An Edit icon to click to be able to make changes to the Generic Feed:
      • Criteria - to be able to define which jobs the system should filter to the generic feed of that channel, for example: department = engineering
        For more information refer to Campaign job criteria.
      • Company name strategy
    • A Copy icon to click to copy the feed URL for the company
  3. Click the Save button to keep any changes.

On returning to the Channels screen, you will see that with the criteria in place, the number of jobs pushing to the edited channel has now been updated.

Filtering by ATS

If you are in a system with more than one ATS integration, the situation may arise where you wish to push jobs from one integration to some channels but not all. Contact PageUp if this is required.