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This guide will walk you through the process of integrating your iCIMS account with Recruitment Marketing.

  1. From the side menu, under Integrations click ATS.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Click the iCIMS logo.
  4. Complete the form details:
    • Name
    • Customer/Client Id - this allows Recruitment Marketing to import jobs and candidate status from the ATS and is provided by iCIMS.
    • Portal Id - provided by iCIMS.
    • Custom Request Fields - a comma-delimited list of fields.
    • Username - provided by iCIMS.
    • Password - provided by iCIMS.
    • Location Strategy - options are Full Address or Structured Address.
    • What should happen when reading a job that has multiple locations
    • How are remote jobs identified? - select the field used to identify remote jobs

    • Regex to match remote job locations - enter the regular expression to identify fully remote jobs.

    • Regex to match hybrid job locations - enter the regular expression to identify hybrid remote jobs.

    • Description Template - not a required field.

      • Do not edit this unless you specifically want to customise the job descriptions coming from the iCIMS ATS. When left blank, the job descriptions from the ATS will be used as given. 
      • The Liquid query language can be used in this field to format the job description template to be used when assigning job descriptions coming from the ATS.
    • Identify hidden jobs using a jobs criteria
    • Sync Application resumes - select this checkbox if you would like to import candidates' resumés for inclusion in their Recruitment Marketing candidate record
    • How often do you want to read jobs from the ATS
    • How often do you want to read candidate data from the ATS
  1. Click Save.

With the iCIMS ATS integration in place, your jobs will now be live and searchable on your Recruitment Marketing careers site.

Using our templating feature, a branded job page will be automatically generated for each individual job. These pages will automatically update to reflect any changes made to the job description content in the ATS.



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