Adding custom code to a code block

Recruitment Marketing


When building a page in Recruitment Marketing, sometimes you have a need to add customised code, for example: a Twitter timeline, a Facebook feed, or an embedded video with customised poster image. This can be done using Code Blocks as follows:

  1. In the Page Editor, click the Add Row icon to add a row of the relevant dimensions. Alternatively, if a Code Block already exists, navigate to it and click the Edit Block button.
  2. Within that row, click the Add Block button.
  3. Select Code Block from the drop down. This block will display with the message: Code block unavailable in editing mode when in the Page Editor.

  4. Click the Edit Block button
  5. Enter the relevant code.

    Note: It is possible, that by using incorrect code, such as a script tag without a closing tag or a destructive Javascript file, that your page will fail to work. If this happens, contact PageUp and we will revert your page to a working state.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Click the View button then View Changes to preview your new block.
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