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Reminders allow you to create prompts to complete activities related to candidates within the CRM.

When creating a reminder, it can be assigned to either yourself, or another team member within the system.

The team member allocated to the reminder will receive an email shortly before the due date / time assigned reminder, and the reminder will also be visible on the candidate profile.

Reminders are shown on the dashboard within the Recruitment Marketing module.

Creating reminders

You can create reminders as follows:

  • From the candidate profile card within a project
  • From any candidate profile screen within the CRM


When creating a reminder, the following fields need to be completed:

  • Reminder Type - available types are Call, Email, Feedback, Follow-up and Interview.
  • Date - the date and time this reminder is due
  • Message - optionally add a message / note to the reminder
  • Assigned to - the team member the reminder is assigned to

Once the relevant fields have been completed, click Save.

Viewing a reminder

The reminder can be viewed from the relevant candidate's profile screen within the CRM.

The reminder is visible to any team member who has permission to view the candidate's profile card, however, the reminder may only be edited or deleted by the creator or the assigned team member.




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