User Triggered Workflows

Recruitment Marketing Public

A User Triggered Workflow is a series of automated actions which are triggered when the candidate is added to the workflow by a team member within the Recruitment Marketing module.

These workflows are incredibly powerful and flexible and can be used to automate many different types of activities, such as:

  • Candidate nurture email sequences
  • Automation of common manual users tasks

Creating a user triggered workflow

For information on how to create a user triggered workflow, refer to this article.

Adding a candidate to a user triggered workflow

You can add a candidate to a user triggered workflow as follows:

  • From the candidate profile card within a project
  • From any candidate profile screen within the CRM

The Add Workflow screen will allow you to select from the list of configured User Triggered Workflows:

Once the workflow has been added, it will be visible on the candidate profile screen until its execution has been completed:

Once execution has been completed, it will be accessible under the Workflows tab on the candidate profile screen along with any other workflows assigned to that candidate.