Creating a workflow

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General information on Workflows.

For information on how to use an automated workflow to encourage candidates to revisit and complete a job application, refer to Creating an auto-nurture workflow.

Creating the workflow

Note: Once created, new workflows are active and live by default.

  1. From the side menu, under CRM, click Workflows.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Enter a name for the workflow.
  4. From the What should trigger this Workflow drop-down, select one of:
    •  Call-to-Action - if selected:
      • You will be prompted to select the relevant CTA.
      • Choosing a web campaign with which to associate the workflow is optional. Where the CTA is used in multiple places and you choose to associate the workflow with a web campaign, note that the workflow will only run when the CTA is performed within that web campaign.
      • Where the CTA is Apply URL, you also have the option to run the workflow against a specific job or jobs. You can specify which job(s) by populating the Job criteria field.
      • Sometimes a candidate will apply multiple times to the same job, causing extra unwanted workflows. These workflows can be restricted by checking the Maximum of one workflow per job application box.
    • ATS state change
    • Chatbot intent fulfilment
    • Email event
    • User triggered workflow
  5. Select the Restrict this workflow to live jobs checkbox to ensure that any workflow that has an associated job will be cancelled if that job is archived (or put into 'Draft' mode if manually added) following workflow activation.
  6. Define the Minimum delay between workflow executions for each candidate, by using the Day(s)Hours(s)Minute(s) selectors.
  7. Click the Save button.

Creating the workflow step

You can now start to build out your workflow by adding steps. These are the actions that will occur automatically once a candidate completes the previously selected call-to-action, and, where designated, matches with the pre-set criteria.

  1. Beneath the Workflow item, click the New icon to add your first workflow step.

    workflow start button

  2. Select one of the following workflow step types:
    • Email - to send an email to the candidate or a team member.
    • Chat message - to send an SMS text message to the candidate.
    • Add candidate to a list - to add candidate to a static list only.
    • Tag candidate - assign a tag to the candidate.
    • Delay - to add a delay of days, hours, or minutes before the workflow action.
    • If/else branch - to automate different actions depending on whether a boolean condition evaluates to true or false. For example, if the job application status equals Started, then Add candidate to a list.
    • Add candidate to ATS - create an application in the ATS for the candidate. Only available when a supported ATS integration has been configured, and the step can only be utilised for workflows which have the context of a particular job (e.g. an Apply CTA or Text Engage chatbot intent).
    • Move candidate to stage - add the candidate to a specified stage within a Project within the CRM.
  3. Depending on the workflow step selected, some additional prompts will be displayed - make selections accordingly.
  4. Click the Save button to keep the settings and return to the Workflow screen.
  5. To add more steps, click the New icon.



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