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Visitors to your Recruitment Marketing careers site, both anonymous and known, can now save jobs that interest them as a favourite.

Enabling Allow candidates to favourite jobs

  1. From the side menu, under Company click Settings.
  2. Under Web click Content options.
  3. Select the Allow candidates to favourite jobs checkbox.
  4. Click the Save button.

What the candidate sees

Candidates will now be presented with the Add to favourites action on job pages.

When the candidate clicks the Add to favourites button, the star image will change to a tick confirming their action.

When the candidate returns to a page which shows a list of recommended jobs, their favourite jobs will be placed at the top of the list.
For more information, refer to Configuring a jobs list block.

A candidate settings screen is available, and can be accessed by adding /me/settings to the end of the careers site URL.
For example: if your career site is then the candidate settings will be
By providing a link to this in your page layout, candidates can update their own settings.

What the platform user sees

  • From a candidate profile
    1. From the side menu, under CRM click Candidates.
    2. Locate the relevant candidate.
    3. Click their name to open their preview.
    4. Click  the View full Profile button.
    5. Click the Jobs section.

  • From a candidate list:
    1. From the side menu, under CRM click Candidates.
    2. Click the side Columns tab to expand.
    3. Scroll down to Interaction and select Jobs Favourited.



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