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When Recruitment Marketing ingests jobs from your ATS via the integration, related taxonomy information such as the assigned departments and categories is also automatically synchronised at the same time.

This information can be used by candidates to tailor their subscription to job alert emails to help ensure that they only receive jobs which are of potential interest to them.

Subscribing as part of an apply CTA

When a candidate opts into job alerts via the Apply Call-to-Action (CTA), they will receive an email notification when a new job matching the department / category and location of the job to which they originally applied is posted.

Subscribe to job alert as part of apply cta

Subscribe from a regular content webpage

When a stand-alone job alert CTA is added to your homepage, the department / category and location fields will not be pre-filled and candidates will have to choose their own from the drop downs provided.
Subscribe to job alerts from regular page

Subscribe from a job description page

In addition to allowing candidates to subscribe as part of the Apply CTA, it is possible to include a stand-alone job alert CTA on a job description page. In this circumstance, the department and location attached to that particular job will be pre-filled in the relevant CTA fields. The candidate can accept these suggestions and click Send to opt-in, or, they can broaden their job alert scope and choose to receive notifications about new jobs in additional departments / categories and or locations by selecting them from the drop down lists provided.
Subscribe to job alerts from job description page

In all cases, it is possible to include departments or categories that have been created via the ATS integration in the drop down regardless of whether they are assigned to a currently sourced job.

If a department or category has never previously been created in Recruitment Marketing as it has not been assigned to either a current or previously sourced job, you will need to create that item manually via company settings to make it available for selection as part of the subscription.


  1. From the side menu, under Company click Settings.
  2. Under Jobs click Job categories or Job Departments - depending on which is in use by your company and ATS.
  3. To add any departments you wish to make available in the job alerts opt-in that aren’t currently listed, click the New button.

    View job departments

  4. Enter a Display Name and indicate whether the item should be visible on the career site.
  5. Click the Save button.

Now, when you navigate to your Job Search page on the career site, under Department or Category, you should see all departments / categories listed, including those that show 0 for the number of available jobs.
Career site department filter



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