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Job Mail is useful for notifying applicants that there are new jobs available that match their search criteria. There are two ways to display the 'subscribe to job mail' functionality on a careers site. The job mail page needs to sit within either your company's existing website (or intranet).

To prevent the sign-up of non-verified email addresses, reCAPTCHA was implemented in the job mail/alert subscriber workflow.

Note: Job mail is not to be confused with Recruitment Marketing job alerts.

User guide

How Job mail alerts work

The following details the mechanism behind Job mail alerts when an applicant subscribes:

  • When an applicant subscribes to a job mail alert, their subscription is registered and records a date (last run date) of 24 hours before they subscribed. 
  • When the subscription is verified (by clicking the link in the opt in email) their subscription is added to the list to be processed.
  • When the subscription service runs, it looks for any jobs sourced since the last run date against their subscription. Then, it checks if any of the jobs sourced since the last run date match their filter criteria. If there is a match, then they will receive an email.
  • Once their subscription has been successfully processed, the system will update the last run date to the time that it last processed their subscription.
    • This means that a new subscriber doesn't receive an email with all the jobs that are currently sourced which match their filter criteria. They will receive any jobs sourced within a 24-hour period of when they subscribed.

What happens when a subscription is updated?

The last run date doesn't change when a subscription is updated, only the filter criteria. This means that only jobs posted after the applicant last received a job mail alert will be checked to see if they match their new criteria. Only new jobs, that match the criteria will be included in the job alert email.


Double Opt-In/Confirmed Opt-In to Job mail subscribers

A Double Opt-in capability exists with job mail alerts to ensure appropriate levels of permission passing to applicants.

When an applicant creates a job mail subscription, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. The applicant will be required to confirm their subscription within 72 hours of receipt for their subscription request to be valid. Any non-confirmed subscription requests will be removed.

This was introduced in May 2018 because we are focused on meeting applicant privacy obligations and being in line with industry best practices.


  • If an internal job mail subscriber receives the notification to re-confirm their subscription, and they are redirected to the external site, this may be due to the internal site being locked to the internal network only. Check if you are on the internal network and try again.
  • Job Mail Alerts will not expire automatically. To unsubscribe, a recipient may click the 'Unsubscribe' link included in any of their received emails.

List of subscribers

While a list of subscribers is not available within the system, one can be extracted.  If required, please contact PageUp who can email a list.


Setting up Job Mail

Contact PageUp to manage.

Benefits and Features:

  • Advertise all your jobs in the same place - make it easier for applicants to be informed of new positions as they become available
  • Job mail for applicants to get matching jobs emailed directly to them
  • Job Mail subscriptions remain valid until an applicant chooses to unsubscribe from them


The job mail sub page will pull the styling from your dynamic/static template careers site. The following is an example (click to enlarge):

Note: Hidden Jobs will not be included in Job Alert emails.


I've subscribed to the internal job alert but when I receive the notification to confirm my subscription, I'm unable to confirm as I am redirected to the external site.
This may be due to the internal site being locked to the internal network only. Check if you are on the internal network and try again.

Sorry, we are unable to confirm your email. This may be because your confirmation link has expired or an error has occurred. Please check and try subscribing again.
A subscriber may experience this issue after clicking an expired confirmation link, which lasts for 3 days. In this case, advise them to subscribe again, then click the link in the new email.

I've received a notification for internal vacancies, I'm unable to view the job or am redirected to the external site and the job vacancy cannot be found. 
This may be due to the internal site being locked to the internal network only. Check if you are on the internal network and try again.



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