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Job design templates are used to ensure that jobs posted to your (dynamic or static styled) jobs page website and/or intranet look consistent. Job design templates surround the job details content and are used to create new branding layouts for jobs on PageUp hosted careers sites and should only be constructed or modified by suitably qualified personnel.

Please contact PageUp to assist you in the creation of your job design templates.


Design templates for job boards are not managed within PageUp.

These templates must be organised with your sourcing supplier. Once complete, they will provide you with a template ID that can be entered into PageUp by going to: System settings > Source management > Job boards > (select Supplier) > Manage templates. Enter the Template ID that the job board supplier has provided. When a job is advertised and linked to the template ID, this information is sent out in the data feed and your supplier knows which template to link to.

Any further changes to design templates must be handled by your supplier.
"First impressions count" as they say, and having a job advert presented appropriately will play an important part in providing a good first impression. Design templates combine the use of the company logo, colours and brands to effectively promote the job.

Design templates are not able to be self-configured by clients. Please contact PageUp to inquire about process. Design templates usually take 7 - 10 working days after Statement of Work has been signed.

If you are requesting new design or changes to design templates, please download the Design-Template-Request template and complete it, then raise a case with PageUp.

Depending on the complexity and design requirements for your design templates, please contact PageUp to inquire about costs.

Design template requirements

The following components are mandatory in a design template:

  • Job title
  • Job number
  • Work type
  • Location
  • Categories
  • Opening date
  • Closing date

For banner images, the recommended size is 1920 x 400 and in high resolution.

Design template restrictions

The width of the design template will automatically adjust based on the width of the jobs page. The height of a template is not fixed as each template must stretch to accommodate the Ad Details inserted into each advertisement.
Font choices and colours are also limited to those supported by the web browser.



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