Pre-implementation Onboarding Data Collection


Defining processes

Everyone understands the flow of a recruitment lifecycle which includes the activity of onboarding. But clarifying who does what based on role/geography/business division is not always such a simple question to answer.

A typical onboarding workflow:

  • User creates online offer by changing an applicant’s status
  • When prompted to fill in the offer card, they select the relevant onboarding workflow, provisions, and New Starter Form (if required)
  • Applicant accepts offer online
  • Applicant completes New Starter Form (if applicable)
  • Provisioning information is sent to the relevant groups
  • Applicant enters the onboarding portal and completes tasks as assigned by due dates
  • Hiring manager enters the onboarding portal and completes tasks as assigned by due dates.


The list below outlines the key areas that are useful to consider prior to System Implementation.

However, start gathering any Onboarding related information in the easiest format (even scans of paper forms etc).

New Starter forms after accepting an offer

If you have a paper based/online form(s) that is completed by an applicant once they accept an offer, please collate these.

  • What information do new employees need to provide for payroll/ HRIS entry? i.e. superannuation, tax, national identity details, next of kin etc
  • Do you have different requirements based on employment type? New employee vs current employee
  • Do you have any diversity requirements that you gather at this stage?

Note: Multiple New Starter forms can be set up as required – for example: different forms may be required for different hire types or office locations.

Onboarding workflows

Workflows drive what tasks the new employee and/or Hiring Manager needs to complete.

If you have a checklist of actions that need to occur when a new employee starts, start gathering and documenting these tasks.

  • What tasks do you require new employees to do?
  • What tasks do you require Hiring Managers to do?
  • How would you group these tasks? E.g. pre-commencement, week 1 etc
  • Do internal vs external employees have different tasks?
  • Do contractors vs permanent employees have different tasks?


The provisioning functionality is based on sending emails with the details of what needs to be organised and ready (new laptop, phone) for the new starter when they commence.

  • Who needs to know that a new starter is coming onboard? IT, Security, Uniform etc
  • What information do they need to know – i.e. office location, key card access, laptop, phone, particular software access etc to ensure the new starter is ready on day 1?
  • Do these users have an email address?

Onboarding portal

Setting up the onboarding portal is similar to setting up a new website - you need to understand how it is going to look. Your marketing/branding team should be able to assist with the content.

Start having internal discussions to understand what information is relevant for all new employees before they walk through the door. We recommend that you do not replicate content that may be already on your corporate site.

  • Do you have a current onboarding portal that you wish to leverage off?
  • Do you have any videos, documents, organisational charts etc that you currently share with new starters?
  • Do you have multiple brands that require separate onboarding portals?


If your business already reports on onboarding metrics and you wish to continue to export this data, please gather examples together.

  • Is there any key information that you want to be able to report on? i.e. overdue onboarding tasks



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