Pre-Implementation Learning Data Collection



The list below outlines the key areas that are useful to consider prior to system implementation. Gather any Learning related information, in the easiest format - even scans of paper forms etc.

Learning activities

  • What learning activities and programs do your employees currently have access to? This can include formal learning (e.g. e-Learning and courses) and/or informal learning (e.g. on-the-job activities, on demand content and social learning)
  • Do you have any SCORM activities?
  • In addition to these, are there any new learning activities that you want to include in your PageUp system?
  • Are any of these activities mandatory?
  • Do any of the activities have validation dates? E.g first aid training that is valid for 2 years post completion
  • Do you have any activities that require an approval process?
  • Do you have a competency framework you want to utilise with learning?
  • If you have a competency framework, how do you break this down? E.g team member, leader
  • Do you want to allow employees to add activities to the public learning library? E.g a useful webinar that others may benefit from

Booking schedules

Learning activities can be linked to events so that times, addresses and attendance can be managed.

  • Are there any activities that require employees to book to attend?
  • Do you have particular venues that are used for booked learning activities?
  • Do you have limited spaces available for certain learning activities?


  • Is there any key information that you want to be able to report on?



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