Pre-implementation Performance Data Collection


Defining processes

Implementing the PageUp performance system is a perfect opportunity to optimise or redefine your current review process. It may be helpful to consider:

  • Stakeholders that need to be engaged throughout the review process and the tasks they are responsible for
  • The duration and steps of your review process
  • Review templates
  • Communications to stakeholders
  • Competency frameworks

If you do not have a current performance review process, our team will provide you with a base review process. You can leverage and tweak this to create a process that suits your individual organisational requirements.

Sample Performance Review Process



The list below outlines the key areas that are useful to consider prior to system implementation. Gather any Performance related information, in the easiest format (even scans of paper forms etc).

Performance review process flow

  • What is the overall time period of your performance cycle? E.g 12 months
  • What is the workflow an employee moves through during the performance process within your organisation? E.g. Setting objectives, mid year review, end of year review, calibration and finalisation of review.
  • What are the durations for these workflow steps?
  • What is the purpose of each step?

Performance review templates

  • What do your review templates consist of? E.g a page for objectives, a page for values
  • How many templates will you have? E.g one for general staff, one for executives
  • What do users need to do on each page? E.g employees rate on an objectives page; employees add comments on a values page
  • If you have a rating scale, what does it consist of?
  • Do you have a competency framework?


  • What stakeholders are engaged within your performance appraisal process and at what points?
    E.g. Employee, Manager, 1-Up Manager, Administrator
  • What task/s are these stakeholders responsible for completing at each point?


  • What communications are sent throughout the performance process?
  • What do they look like and when do they occur?
  • What instruction/explanation do you provide to stakeholders through these communications?


If your business already reports on performance review metrics and you wish to continue to export this data, please gather examples together.

  • Is there any key information that you want to be able to report on? E.g. number of reviews in a particular step etc.

Change management

  • What has been the most effective method to manage organisation change in the past?
  • How will you communicate this change to your stakeholders in order to achieve a high user adoption?



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