Image Tagging

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Image tags assist in the creation and maintenance of a more organised image gallery, allowing users to sort and find images quickly and easily.

Adding and removing image tags

Open the image modal by clicking See Details on the relevant image.

Adding a tag to an image can be done in two ways :

Selecting a tag from the dropdown containing tags previously created and/or used by your company.
Note: Image tags are not shared between companies in the same organisation.


Typing into the Tags field to create a new tag.

To remove a tag from an image, click the X beside the tag.

After making changes to an image's tags, you must click Save to persist the changes.

Filtering images by tag

When viewing the image gallery, you can filter the images using image tags. These tags can be selected from the dropdown. Click Search to filter your images.
Note: images containing any of the selected tags will be returned



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