Installing the Sourcing Companion

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The Sourcing Companion makes it simple for Sourcers, Recruiters and other Talent Acquisition professionals to leverage the power of the Recruitment Marketing CRM no matter where they are engaging with candidates.

Take the Recruitment Marketing CRM with you when sourcing candidates via external networks or systems. Easily add new candidates to your CRM database directly from the Sourcing Companion, and then utilise Clinch’s powerful candidate engagement tools to effortlessly nurture those prospects without ever having to leave the Sourcing Companion.

The Sourcing Companion is currently available as a browser extension for the Chrome web browser.

The browser extension can be installed directly from this link, or to find it on the Chrome Web Store, follow the instructions below.

To install the Sourcing Companion:

  • From the main menu (three vertical dots at the right of the screen) in Chrome, select More tools, then select Extensions.
  • From the Extensions screen, open the Menu Main (top left), and select the option to Open Chrome Web Store.
  • From the Chrome Web Store, enter "Clinch Sourcing Companion" into the search box and press enter to search.
  • Select the Clinch Sourcing Companion from the list of search results.

  • From the Clinch Sourcing Companion listing, select the option to Add to Chrome.
  • Confirm any prompts that are presented, and select Continue to install.
  • Review the permissions being requested by the Sourcing Companion, and click Add extension.
  • You should review a prompt confirming that the extension has been successfully added to your browser.

Once installed, it is recommended that you pin the extension to your browser, for easy access:

  • Select the extensions icon on the toolbar:

  • Click the pin against the Clinch Sourcing Companion:
  • The extension should now appear directly in your toolbar each time you launch your browser:

The Sourcing Companion is now successfully installed into your Chrome browser.



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