Preparing for Implementation


Congratulations on your purchase of PageUp. We are delighted you’ve picked us and we can’t wait to start you on your PageUp journey!

What's next?

  • Our Mid-market team will talk you through the Project Readiness phase and what to expect
  • We'll send you a welcome pack explaining more about our implementation methodology and process, the Mid-market project readiness workbook (used for information gathering) and useful templates/resources to get started and assist you throughout the project
  • You'll meet your project implementation team!

In the meantime, have a read of the information below which will help you to plan for your PageUp implementation. This includes understanding the process, who should be part of the project team, what information to start gathering and more.

Assigning the appropriate team

Determining who should (or needs) to be involved in a system implementation project can be a challenge. Not only do you need to work out what roles are required, but also the time commitment required for each of these roles. To help, we have outlined the key client roles and responsibilities we find to help make implementation go smoothly as well as estimated time commitments.

Information Gathering

Engaging key stakeholders and aligning internal teams, as you gather data, forms and processes prior to implementation, allows you to think about what your processes look like today and pinpoint key areas for improvement.

The Mid-market project readiness workbook (which our implementation team will share) provides:

  • Information sharing activities so we can pre-configure the system to feel more like you
  • Best practice examples we have ready to go in your PageUp system
  • How to get the best out of your implementation and system

The information you share:

  • Helps us better understand your business; and
  • Enables our Implementation Team to pre-configure your PageUp system prior to the Configure & Validate Phase.

We have included a sneak peek outline of the module specific key areas that are useful to consider prior to System Implementation:


Purchasing an integration with PageUp will reduce manual data entry into PageUp and/or your HRIS payroll system.

An inbound integration will generally pre-populate information on the PageUp job card. Think about what information you would like to bring into the system (e.g users, positions, cost centres etc).

An outbound integration can automate employee creation in the system it is integrated with (often HRIS). For this, it's valuable to start thinking about what information is required to create a new employee.

As well as engaging your organisation's technical resource/s as well as your HRIS provider, start thinking about the above and visit our dedicated Integrations page for more information.

Change management and training

We understand that a system is only as good as the people who use it. Engaging and educating users before and throughout the implementation process will support an effective launch and ongoing application of your system.

Prepare your employees for system implementation by taking the following actions:

  • Identify and analyse key stakeholders, ensuring all receive appropriate and timely communication and training
  • Develop and implement a communication plan to raise awareness and build the desire to use PageUp
  • Plan your approach to training; not all users will require the same level of education and support - consider the most effective strategy for all user groups

For more information refer to Change management when implementing PageUp.

The PageUp Mid-market implementation process

PageUp's implementation approach is to empower you, the client, to use, adapt and maintain the PageUp system. Your role is very ‘hands on’ and we ask you to participate in system configuration, with our guidance and support. With PageUp’s ongoing support, your system can evolve and adapt as your business requirements grow and change.

At PageUp, user enablement is one of our corporate goals. The design of our product, as well as our implementation approach, work together to support this.

For more information refer to Implementing PageUp.



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