Implementing PageUp


Implementation methodology

At PageUp, we have a tried and tested implementation approach. Projects are structured across phases from Project Readiness & Planning, Configure & Validate, User Acceptance Testing, Go Live and Stabilisation. Our established templates, tools and processes support each of these phases and the delivery of project milestones and objectives.

We have outlined a few things that will make your implementation experience unique as a PageUp client:

System pre-configuration

The system pre-configuration is aligned with best practices and minimises your resourcing commitments.

We will pre-configure your system, based on industry best practice and your business processes. This means a large portion of the project is completed upfront by PageUp.

Your pre-configured system will be demonstrated to you by your PageUp implementation team during the system validation phase. Our team will share our experiences as we help you - our client - understand how the system works so that you can ensure the system is built for purpose.

Throughout the implementation, we will empower your system Super Users (this system administrators) to configure and maintain the most frequently used areas of the PageUp system. With PageUp’s ongoing support, your system can evolve and adapt as your business requirements grow and change.

Learning and knowledge transfer

We give you the knowledge and power to make sure the system is always adding maximum value.

Our team will consult with you and teach you through the project. Throughout the implementation, we will empower your system Super Users to configure and maintain the most frequently used areas of the PageUp system. Your role is very ‘hands on’ and we ask you to participate in system configuration, with our guidance and support. This is intentional. At PageUp, user enablement is one of our corporate goals. The design of our product, as well as our implementation approach, work together to support this.

Implementation team

Clients tell us they love working with the professional and capable members of our team.

PageUp has defined global performance benchmarks to make sure that you have a great experience through implementation. System savvy is complemented with consulting and teaching skills, and your dedicated implementer is well-equipped to act as your personal PageUp Coach throughout the project.

Implementation process

The PDF below illustrates the different roles and typical steps in the PageUp Mid-market implementation process.


Project phases

Use the information below to learn more about the different phases of a mid-market project.

Project Readiness

This 2 week phase involves:

  • Assembling your project team and meeting your PageUp project team
  • Kick-off meeting to establish success criteria (goals), roles and time frames
  • Accessing and completing activities within the mid-market project readiness portal
  • Initiate website and integration work (if in scope)
  • Sign off on the project plan

Configure & Validate

We understand how busy our clients are, often working multiple roles. We also understand how easy it is to get pulled back into day-to-day business activities.  From our years of experience and client feedback on our mid-market implementation approach, the two week hands-on configure and validate component of the project is considered to be highly valuable and critical in ensuring that our clients implement a solution that successfully meets the needs of the business within the 6-8 week project time frame.

During this phase, your PageUp consultant will work with your Super User/s daily for up to two weeks to:

  • Demonstrate the pre-configured system and map out processes to ensure the system is fit for purpose
  • Interactive system Super User training as we make minor configuration adjustments
  • Empower the project team to showcase the fully configured system to key stakeholders
  • Kick-off project team testing

Testing & Training

This phase includes the steps:

  • Test the system and conduct final tweaks
  • Confirm that the system meets the requirements agreed upon in earlier phases
  • Conduct new user training for end users (if in scope)
  • Perform Go Live preparation activities

Go Live with Stabilisation & Support

This phase includes the steps:

  • Initiate system Go Live
  • Continue to support the project team during the first week of Go Live
  • Introduce the team to the PageUp Customer Experience Team as you transition from implementation to business as usual



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