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PageUp Training Methodology

At PageUp we understand that a system is only as good as the people who use it. To assist you to realise the real value of your PageUp system, we offer a range of training options, supplemented by on demand material, including online help and training resources.

For core system users, training is typically delivered face to face following a 'tell, show, do' format. The Trainer explains how a piece of system functionality works in the context of a common scenario, demonstrates this in the system, and gives participants the opportunity to practice.

For end users, train-the-trainer strategies and webinars are commonly utilised to equip your employees and managers with the information that they need in the context of their role, without unduly taking them out of the business.

PageUp advocates on demand and 'just in time' training techniques and we partner with our client to define a strategy that will equip users with the skills and knowledge that they require at the right time.

Standard System Training

Standard system training focuses on how the system works and is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge required to effectively use and maintain their PageUp system. Standard training:

  • is delivered in your own PageUp training/UAT system
  • aligns to the PageUp modules currently used by your organisation
  • includes some basic information related to your business processes (e.g. if hiring managers create jobs, this will be incorporated into the training program)

We offer User Essentials and Super User Essentials training for all modules in the PageUp system, as outlined below. Topics can be selected based on your PageUp solution and training specific requirements. This allows for greater flexibility to help ensure that you get the most out of your training.

During standard training, we recommend that an appropriate recruitment/HR representative from your
organisation is present to address any questions related to your unique business process and context. Participants will be required to follow the session from their own PC/laptop, with the trainer’s screen also being projected at the front of the room. Our trainers work closely with participants to ensure there is effective transfer of knowledge.

User Essentials Training

User Essentials training is recommended for all new PageUp users. The training covers system fundamentals - from accessing the system and logging on, to completing all actions required to effectively administer and manage each of the aspect talent management process. The program can be modified to include topics that align with your PageUp system and training requirements.

For existing PageUp clients, refresher training may benefit system users who have not recently participated in a PageUp training program. Training can focus on those areas that that are causing some uncertainty or are not being used to their potential within your organisation. User Essentials training will provide participants with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and learn about recent upgrades and enhancements. A suitable package can be developed based on your needs.

For new implementations, User Essentials training is typically held prior to system go live and aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to confidently use their new PageUp system and support others to do so.

  • Audience: Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Specialists, HR employees.
  • Recommended number of participants: 8
  • Duration: 0.5 day each for Performance, Succession, and Learning modules; 0.5 – 2 days for Recruitment modules (depending on number of topics covered).

Super User Essentials Training

A Super User’s role is to support their team to effectively use PageUp – through maintaining system configuration, processing user requests, educating users on best use of the system and building relationships with PageUp support staff. A Super User is the first point of contact for any system queries or issues, and will act as the key liaison between the client and the PageUp support team. Super Users have full permission to access all parts of the system, so it is imperative that they are confident with their level of access and know how to get the most from their PageUp solution.

The Super User Essentials training program will take participants into the ‘back-end’ of the system, to develop their understanding of how the system is configured, what can be changed, how to maintain configuration, implications of making changes, etc. Participants will become confident in navigating through System Settings and will develop a good understanding of how their changes will affect the ‘front-end’ of the system.

For new implementations, Super User training is embedded in the configuration phase to enable clients to become proficient in configuring their own PageUp system.

  • Audience: Super Users* (system administrators).
  • Recommended number of participants: 4
  • Duration: 0.5 – 1 day (depending on the number of modules to be covered)
  • Recommended prior knowledge: User Essentials training



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