Measuring Success: Recruitment Marketing Reporting

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Your guide to data-driven recruiting

In addition to the intelligent career site offering, candidate marketing capabilities and CRM, Recruitment Marketing comes complete with a comprehensive reports module that delivers valuable behavioural data and insights at every stage of the funnel. The analytics on offer are there to empower you to make those data-driven decisions that are central to effective recruiting.

Measuring Success: Recruitment Marketing Reporting takes a deep dive into the Reports component of Recruitment Marketing, highlighting the key navigation, tables, and charts that help answer the most common questions asked by talent teams around the world when seeking to gauge the success of their recruiting strategies:

  1. Is my career site driving conversions?
  2. Is my career site or job converting the right type of candidates?
  3. When is the best time to post or promote my job(s)?
  4. How easy or difficult is my application process?
  5. Which traffic sources are providing the most value?
  6. Does my career site encourage repeat visits?
  7. Are my job descriptions effective?
  8. Is my candidate outreach effective?

The guide also includes up-to-date industry benchmarks alongside recommended success metrics based on our customer data.

Measuring Success: Recruitment Marketing Reporting has been created to help you get the most from Recruitment Marketing. Use the information provided to:

  • Update and optimise career site content based on behavioural data
  • Increase conversions from best-fit candidates 
  • Understand source effectiveness for cost savings
  • Easily access return on investment (ROI) data.

Data-driven recruiting starts here! See Measuring Success: Recruitment Marketing Reporting for more details.




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