Managing Manually Generated SSL Certificates

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It is strongly recommended that you utilise Recruitment Marketing's automated certificate generation and renewal functionality to manage the SSL certificate assigned to your career site.

To understand the available options and review the benefits of the automated approach, refer to Domain and SSL options.

Management of Certificate Renewal

It is important to note that if you choose to manage your certificate manually, you will be responsible for:

  • Tracking the expiry date of your certificate.
  • Ensuring a new certificate is generated before the expiry of the existing certificate.
  • Ensuring that the new certificate is uploaded to your Recruitment Marketing site prior to the expiry of the existing certificate.

Should your existing certificate expire before you upload a new certificate, your career site will become inaccessible to visitors.

Note: Recruitment Marketing does not track the expiry of manually generated and uploaded certificates, and no reminders or prompts are generated.


If you opt to manage your certificate manually, the following instructions explain how to upload your certificate to your Recruitment Marketing career site.

Uploading a new certificate

  1. Generate or purchase an SSL certificate using your preferred vendor.
    Note: To complete the upload process, you will need access to the Private Key related to your new certificate. Therefore, you should generate your own Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when purchasing the new certificate. Any CSR that may have previously been shared with you by PageUp/Clinch should not be used to generate the new certificate.
  2. From the main menu within Recruitment Marketing, select Hosting and DNS under the Company heading.
  3. Select the option to Import Certificate.
  4. Enter the required information:
    • Certificate body - enter the PEM-encoded certificate body.
    • Certificate Private Key - enter the PEM-encoded private key.
    • Certificate Chain - enter the PEM-encoded certificate chain.
  5. Click Save to assign this certificate to your career site.

Replacing an expiring certificate 

If your existing certificate is due to expire, you can repeat the process listed above to upload a new certificate. Once you click Save your new certificate will immediately replace the expiring certificate.



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