How to upload a certificate for SAML Single Sign On


For Single Sign On integrations, a token signing certificate is generated within the Identity Management Provider (Entra ID, Okta etc), and must be imported into the PageUp system which supports multiple active certificates at the same time.

To import the certificate into PageUp, a Superuser (system administrator) may follow the steps below:

  1. From the side menu, click System settings
  2. In the search bar, type Import Certificate and press Enter
  3. Click on Import Certificate
  4. Click Choose File to locate and select your certificate (.cer) file
  5. Click Upload.

The certificate will be uploaded and ready for use.

Should the certificate be supplied as a .txt file, the file will need to be renamed to have the .cer extension before importing it into PageUp. Renaming a file can be done quickly on Windows by ensuring that file extensions are displayed, then once visible, renaming the file by replacing .txt with the .cer extension.




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