API integration


PageUp provides a suite of REST based APIs for the integration of PageUp data and workflows into client and third party systems. APIs can be used to build out processes that span multiple systems, for example between your HRIS and PageUp or between PageUp and a third-party provider (e.g. background checking).

For more technical information including the APIs available and intended use, please visit our Developer Portal at developers.pageuppeople.com. If current APIs do not cover your use case, other methods of integration are also available, such as sFTP flat file transfer and web services.

In order for a developer (either your own if you are a client or a developer of a 3rd Party vendor / freelancer), they require credentials that allow them to authenticate with the API. These credentials provide access to perform specific actions on the endpoints available in the PageUp suite of APIs.

For example, your organisation might be creating an integration with an HRIS and so for your Core HR Data to be transferred to PageUp the developer needs "Write" access to the Core HR API.

Request Access

Vendor access requests

If you are an external vendor, and you wish to register your interest in integrating with PageUp as part of our Marketplace, refer to pageuppeople.com/marketplace and click Become a partner to complete the form.

Client access requests

If you are a client and wish to request credentials for your internal developers, or vendor already included in the PageUp Marketplace, please contact PageUp.



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