Outbound document transfer



In addition to providing a new hire or existing employee information via the outbound flat file, PageUp also has the ability to transfer supporting documents related to these identities. Documents relating to a corresponding new hire or existing employee record are provisioned with a unique PageUp identity in the document name. Multiple documents can be extracted with a supporting log file containing a full list of all documents provided in a single transfer for audit and consolidation purposes.

It is recommended to discuss these details further with your PageUp representative as some restrictions exist on the type and size of files supported for transfer.

Document Transfer Method

Each document that is uploaded has a document category attached to it. Superusers can access system settings to review the different document category types and collate a list of the types to be exported from the system.

There are two options to transfer documents:

  • Documents are to be sent individually along with the manifest file
    A manifest file is a log file that contains the metadata of documents. It is a text file and is customisable per the client's requirements. For example, a text file having details of ApplicantID, Applicant Name, Document ID, Document created date, and document original name.
    This option will send all the documents that satisfy the trigger criteria and generates the manifest file for those documents.
    Note: The manifest file will contain the DocumentID and OUTBOUND_FILE_NAME. These fields are mandatory in the manifest file for the export to run successfully.
  • Documents are to be sent in a compressed file
    This option does not contain a manifest file. All the documents will be compressed into one zip file and exported from the system.

Delivery File Name Convention

The file name convention of documents can be customised however, the fields used to customise the file name must already exist within the PageUp system.
For example:


This contains:

  • the unique applicant identifier (generated by PageUp for each applicant)
  • the unique document identifier (generated by PageUp for each document uploaded into the system)
  • the document category name

All document files being exported must have a unique file name. PageUp recommends including the PageUp DocumentID in the file name to mitigate issues where applicants are uploading multiple documents with the same file name.



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