Email whitelisting


Spam filter exception list for PageUp clients


This document details the specific IP addresses that mail can be sent from using the PageUp system. This includes both the administration system and the clients front end public website.


Due to the ever increasing problem with spam, many clients are now implementing spam filtering software to block unwanted emails. In many of these systems part of the method to detect spam email is to check the IP address of the email's "From" domain to ensure that it matches the email's actual originating IP address. One of the side effects of doing this is that some legitimate email is blocked. This blocked email can include an email from the PageUp system in some cases (dependent on setup).

To avoid this happening, clients should add the following IP subnets to the 'Allowed list' in their spam filtering software.

IP White List


Domain White List

  • *
  • *

From address

All mail sent from within PageUp will have the from address published as:
This process is designed to reduce the likelihood that emails from the system will be considered SPAM.
To reply to an email sent out from PageUp, all the recipient needs to do is click the 'Reply' button in the email, and the email will automatically replace the from email address with the senders 'reply to' email.
For example:
from: careers-<instID>     i.e.
reply to:                          i.e.
to:                                 i.e.

Emailing the From address

If a recipient sends an email to instead of clicking Reply, the email will be sent to an invalid email address, and will not be visible to either yourself or PageUp. If you are contacted by a person who advises that they have sent the email to this address, we recommend that you ask them to forward the email to your direct email address.



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