Merge multiple discussions to one single discussion

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Cleaning up similar discussions

Our customers have let us know that they are sometimes receiving similar questions. Over time, these questions have made it confusing for candidates to know which is the best discussion to read over. By merging two discussions, it is easier for the candidate to find exactly what they are looking for.

How to merge discussions

  1. Find the master discussion: Find the discussion that you want to keep. Essentially the one that all the other replies should move to. Then, click on "Find duplicate question".
  2. Search discussion: Type a keyword of the discussion you want to merge into the master. You can add multiple discussions. Simply select one after another.
  3. Tick the replies you want to keep: This is your opportunity to remove the extra replies that may not have meaning when merged. 
  4. Edit the replies you are keeping: Once you have the replies you want to keep selected, you are given the opportunity to edit the replies. Sometimes we find Admins want to correct a bit of grammar here.
  5. Click the "Merge all to discussion" button: Once you are happy with the replies you have decided to merge to the Master discussion it is time to hit the final merge button. It is important to note that this cannot be undone, so be sure you are happy with the replies selected.

Configure privileges

Admins will always be able to access this feature, however, we know that some Insiders would benefit from being able to merge a discussion as well. With some Insiders being asked similar questions often, they may want to find a master question and add the recently asked question to it, rather than write the same response again. 




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