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Creating engaging content which attracts visitors to your career site, and helps convert their initial interest in your organisation into applications, needs to be a key aspect of your Talent Acquisition strategy.

The introduction of our new Generative AI Powered Content Assistant gives you a significant helping hand in producing that powerful and authentic content. Backed by a large language model (LLM) the Content Assistant makes it easier for you to build out content for your career sites which helps attract the best talent.

Building on the Recruitment Marketing suite's existing range of AI capabilities, the Content Assistant will roll out across various aspects of content generation in the coming months, starting initially with the Blogging functionality.

Using the Content Assistant


Generate Blog Content

The Content Assistant gives you a head start in creating engaging blog content for your career site. To get started, navigate to the Blog functionality within Recruitment Marketing, and create a new manual blog post entry. For information on creating a new entry, refer to Adding a post to a manual blog.

Once you reach the blog editor you will be able to begin composing and editing your content. To do this with the help of the Content Assistant, you will need to hover over the top of a text block. This will cause the available actions menu to appear in the top right-hand corner of the text block.


Click the "magic wand" icon to launch the Content Assistant - this will cause the Content Assistant to open from the right of the screen.


To allow the Content Assistant to help you get a starting point for your new entry, you will need to provide it with three pieces of information:

  • Tone of Voice - this is the style you wish the content to be written in.
  • Maximum Word Count
  • Prompt - this should be a short sentence describing the content you are looking to generate.

Once you have provided this information, click Generate. The Content Assistant will take a couple of moments and then return with your suggested content.

Important note: The content assistant is designed to be a great starting point for content. We require all users to check the response from the Content Assistant for accuracy and quality before publication.


The response is returned to an editor where you can fine-tune the content. Once you are happy with your draft, click Insert

The content will be inserted into the text block you launched the Content Assistant from in the main editor. From here, you can continue to edit and format the content, and supplement it with images and videos.

Summarise Blog Content

The Content Assistant can also be used to Summarise the content of a blog post before it is published. Summaries are presented on the career site as part of the Blog search results, and they give your audience a short overview of the blog content before they read it.

Once you have finished editing your post and before you publish it, click on the Settings tab at the top of the post. For more information on Blog post settings, refer to Blog Post Settings.

To summarise the post click on the Generate Summary button. After a couple of moments, the assistant will insert a summary. The Content Assistant will aim to summarise your content in a couple of sentences.


You can edit the content further, or change the tone before clicking Save.

Important note: As with the generated content in the blog post, we require users to review the generated summary for accuracy and quality before publication.



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