Employee Connections Best practices & tips

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This article will outline best practice advice to ensure you are getting the most value from the Employee Connections platform, including:

  • Recruiting insiders
  • Insider diversity
  • Keeping insiders engaged
  • Careers site promotion
  • External promotion

Recruiting insiders

When recruiting insiders, look for employees that are already engaged in promoting your company. Those who:

  • Participate in events
  • Have their profile on your careers or corporate site already
  • Actively post about your company on social media

Also consider asking business leaders to recommend employees from their department, or recruit new employees in the onboarding process. When reaching out to ask employees about becoming an insider:

  • Let them know why you're asking them and how you think they would be a great ambassador for the company
  • Remind them that the time commitment is approximately 30 minutes per month
  • Emphasise how being an insider will help candidates and their company's reputation as an employer

Insider diversity

The insiders you invite to represent your company on the Employee Connections platform should be as diverse as your candidate pool. Candidates are more likely to ask questions and engage with an insider that they have something in common with. Points of diversity may include:

  • Region / location / office
  • Department / team
  • Experience level / tenure
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Employment history

You can also rotate the insiders published on your platform to continually vary insider diversity.

Keeping insiders engaged

When checking the discussions and/or insiders areas of the Employee Connections platform, you may notice questions going unanswered or insiders that haven't logged in for a while. To keep insiders engaged:

  • Set up an easy communication channel (e.g. Teams or Slack) to keep in regular contact with insiders
  • Thank them for their contribution (either via message or little rewards like a $5 Starbucks gift card)
  • If you have a larger pool of insiders, rotate them so they are published for a few months, and unpublished so that others can contribute

Careers site promotion

Candidates explore your careers site to learn more about your company as an employer and to determine if your culture will fit their preferences and expectation. This is hard to achieve with static web pages, but promoting Employee Connections across all your careers site pages is a great way to drive up candidate engagement and provide insightful information. Careers site promotion of Employee Connections can include:

  • Promotional plugins embedded into web pages - refer to Social Media and Promotion Features for more information
  • Buttons that direct candidates to the EC platform
  • Mention of Employee Connections in written & video testimonials
  • Mention of Employee Connections in FAQs & 'How we hire' type web pages
  • For Clinch Recruitment Marketing customers, you can configure your calls to action to direct candidates to the Employee Connections platform when the CTA form is completed

External promotion

Promotion is key to the success of your Employee Connections platform and to ensure a wide audience of potential candidates from multiple sources engage with insiders and ask questions. External promotion of Employee Connections can include:

  • Social media - e.g. posts on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram celebrating your insiders and informing candidates that they can now get their questions answered by real employees in a short timeframe.
  • Job boards - e.g. including a link to Employee Connections in your job advertisements means it will be seen by candidates across multiple sourcing channels used by your company.
  • Email to existing talent pools - e.g. include a link to Employee Connections in your newsletter or campaign email to candidates that you haven't engaged with for a while.
  • Careers events - e.g. have a QR code ready to go at recruiting events so candidates can easily access your EC platform to gain insights from your insiders.
  • ATS emails - e.g. include a link to your EC platform in all communications to candidates from your ATS. They'll appreciate the quick turnaround time to have their questions answered, and this can lighten the workload for your recruitment team.
  • Email signatures - e.g. talent acquisition/recruitment team members can include a link to your EC platform in their email signature, so any potential candidates or existing applicants are aware that they can ask questions directly to your insiders, who may be working in the team/location they're applying to work in.

Best practices guide

Please consult our best practices guide for more detailed information on the advice outlined above. If you have any questions, please consult your Customer Success Manager.



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