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Candidates & Talent Sourcer

This article covers how to view your Employee Connections talent pool and see who your most engaged candidates are. A candidate will have a profile in your Employee Connections platform if they:

  • Create an account to view hidden content, like interview tips
  • Ask an insider a question
  • Sign up for a live chat event

Viewing the talent sourcer

To view all candidates with a profile, click on 'Talent Sourcer' in the left-hand menu, under Candidates. You will see two tabs:

  • Talent Sourcer
  • Selected Talent

Talent Sourcer

This tab displays all candidates and metrics about their activity on your Employee Connections platform. You can use the filters and search bar to find specific candidates. When viewing a candidate profile, you can see information such as:

  • Score (a higher score indicates a higher level of engagement with your platform)
  • Number of live chats they've subscribed to and attended
  • Number of sessions/visits
  • Page views
  • Average time spent on your platform

Click on the 'See candidate activity' button to view a more detailed breakdown of the metrics above. You can also set a status for each candidate to keep track of their application activity (if they've applied for a vacancy), or highlight them as someone you want to review again. Click on the star icon to highlight their profile.

Selected Talent

Any candidates you've highlighted by clicking on the star icon will appear in the Selected Talent tab. This is a quick and easy way to come back to a candidate profile you want to review, and potentially contact about a suitable vacancy. You can review the same candidate activity and metrics as mentioned above. Remember the key to the success for Employee Connections and engaging candidates is promotion! See our guide on Employee Connections Social Media & Promotion Features.



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